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BM is not crazy part 2

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Today's not crazy ex-wife blog will consist of the financial abuse she suffered at the hands of my DH.  Below are some comments she has shared online: 

My ex husband did so many of these:

-removed me from bank accounts

-gave me an allowance ($200 every two weeks to grocery shop for a family of six

-that included all household items: laundry detergent, toothpaste, toilet paper etc - not just food. 

-had me/let me get jobs then encouraged me to quit them when it got inconvenientfor him (even when we needed the money)

-rushed our wedding (3 months after we met) and used my credit immediately for his own benefit

-didn't allow me to do finances (exception was a short time after we started a business but I got removed when I tried to stick to a budget he didn't like)

this isn't meant to be dirty laundry - I want to help others avoid and/or navigate 

-this form of abuse.... I thought it was just different views of money. But it wasn't. it was about control. It was about feeding his own insecurities and issues with money. and it was done at the expense of me and our kids. 

Basically, I could go on and on, but you get the gist.

My thinking on this is that a leopard never changes its spots.  I mean I don't feel I am suffering any kind of financial abuse at the hands of my DH.  Since we moved to TN in 2017, I have held down a job and my DH is perfectly fine with me working.  Also, I have a separate checking account from his. Now someone who is financially abusive would not allow their wife to have a separate checking account.  Basically, we split the bills.  He pays a larger portion since he makes more money than I do. 

My understanding is that her current husband lost his job months before the kids moved in with us in 12/2017.  She has always been a stay at home mom.  She went to school to be a teacher and she only did that for a few years. Their jobs are to go digging in garbage (I know because of stories we have heard from he kids) and then selling these items online, they have a stand in a flea market on the weekends.  But then again her life with my DH was so awful.    

Like someone said in my post from yesterday... she likes to play the victim.  


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Ahhh yes. I do love when BMs who can't hold a job or contribute to their own household make these outrageous claims about money.

BM in my case liked to post on Facebook that she didn't need no man for money *snaps a Z in the air*. She had her responsibilities handled!

Yeah, sure. I'll keep that in mind next time your darken my doorstep with your hand out, you vampire hag.

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BM here used to tell SS that DH was "controlling her" when he made her follow the court order.  ?

If these women aren't getting their way, they feel "controlled" and "abused".

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Psycho likes to claim that DH was the reason they divorced with nothing... Had nothing to do with her refusing to work, her taking out loans in his name while he was deployed, her taking out credit cards in his name while he was deployed, her spending every penny on random tattoos and alcohol (and likely drugs, DH doesn't know when that habit began), her buying cars at insanely high interest rates, again, in his name.

But yes, the marriage ending with virtually nothing to show, was totally his fault... Not her gross arrogance and irresponsibilities with money.

Gotta love that whole obsession with control.

Your BM is cracking me up. It's like they lived in a completely different reality than the rest of the world!!! LMAO