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We are finally going to be taking BM to court for child support and custody of the skids.  We are finally going to start the process! 

A little back story on why it took so long (it's been a year)… my husband works at a hospital. After BM left him and moved to MD in July of 2009 and then moved to AL in 2010 my DH started working at a hospital in TN, he works in the surgery room.  Unfortunately, hospitals will send you home if there are no surgeries scheduled.  With him being sent home a lot and child support on top of that (because as we all well know if child support is $100 and your check is $150, they will still take out the $100 and they don’t care that dad is left with $50 until his next pay check in 2 weeks) My DH started traveling for his job in 2012.  He would sign contracts to go to a hospital for 13 weeks, but this way he was guaranteed 40 hours because he made sure it was in his contract. 

We met in Jan. of 2015 while he was traveling, he was in WI and I lived in IL very close to the WI border.  DH and I got married in April of 2016 and in July of 2016 I quit my job of 18 years and started traveling with him.  In Aug. of 2017 we decided to stop traveling and settle in TN where he had accepted a position that wouldn’t start until the end of September. This because of the credentialing process the hospitals have in place for people in his field.  Then in Dec. of 2017 BM decides to drop the kids in our laps with no notice.  We had used up all the savings we had from 8/2017 until he started working at the end of 9/2017 (and this is the only time he fell behind on his child support) But he didn’t get his first paycheck until 10/2017.  I had started working in September of 2017, but I make a lot less than he does.  After he started working, we had figured it would take us until March of 2018 to get back on our feet.  But unable to because the kids moved in with us in Dec. of 2017… we needed to buy them clothing we needed to enroll them in school, buy school supplies, get shots because they were behind and not to mention going from feeding 2 people to feeding 6… and 3 are growing boys who will eat for 3 more.  Well you get it. 

My husband did see an attorney within the first month we had the kids but the amount she was asking for was just out of our reach at the time, and we must travel to AL each time because that’s where they divorced and where the original CO is.

So anyways all of this to say we finally hired an attorney and we are going to get the ball rolling in getting official custody of the kids and get child support removed from him and put on her.  I won’t hold my breath in getting any CS because she doesn’t work.  Just please pray for all of us.