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Court Ordered Fine to pay BM..AARRGHH!!

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SO is considering taking BM to court to appeal the $6,000 he was ordered to pay for refusing consent for skids passports.

This is due to BM’s blatant lie on the Email she produced to the judge, which states that she would NEVER send skids overseas without his consent. Judge believed her and approved the passports. When they returned from the cruise, 2 months later, BM sent SD overseas to live for the next 2 years. Without discussion with SO or his consent.

She also stated that SO advised her NOT to contact him unless it was a life or death situation. This is inaccurate. SO advised her to only call him in an emergency and to send an email regarding important information. She advised all this to the Judge when she took him to court for the kids passports in Dec 2016. Cruise was in Jan 2017.

BM picks and chooses when she communicates with SO. She didn’t consider it important enough when SD was taken by ambulance to hospital. She left this to SS to inform SO, along with the instructions from herself and SD, not to bother visiting, as he would be refused entry to her room.

She didn’t consider it important to contact SO with regards to her plans to send SD overseas for 2 years. She just sent her. Done.

Once she found out that Child Support was investigating her, she decided to harass SO at work, and sent him emails demanding to know when he was going to pay the $6,000, which isn’t actually due until June. SO just responded “not due til June – don’t harass me at work unless it’s important”.

So she obviously considers the money important (or a matter of life or death) – but sending SD overseas, was NOT important enough to contact SO? Gee, isn’t that funny? She is so damn hypocritical, it’s beyond a joke.

She is hopping mad now that she has to answer to child support for her decision to send SD overseas without SO’s consent. BM is insisting that she is still the primary care giver even though SD is out of the country. She believes she’s still entitled to the money as SD is residing with her grandparents (BM’s parents).

She is fighting to continue to receive 100% child support for SD and SO is challenging this. SO wants to continue to financially support SD – he just wants to make sure it goes to whomever is caring for her 100%. He is also getting legal advice about bringing SD back to Australia.

SO has kept all communication documented.

Has anyone had anything like this before? What do you all think about SO appealing the $6,000? Does he even stand a chance of winning this?


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SO should file kidnapping charges against BM, cause that's what she did and he can implicate the judge... I would seriously investigate this option and yes I will not pay the fine and appeal it.

SO made it clear his children will not get passports cause BM will remove them from the country, and through her crap talking to a judge... she did this anyway.

In his appeal SO can state, he has not issue paying support, but then support has to go to the grandparents and not BM, oh and he should try and get a judge to order SD back home to DH.

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Has SO talked to his lawyer about his options (and the possibility of success) under the law where he lives?

He may be able to appeal or he could have other legal options. It depends on the law in your area.

With the scenario you have laid out there should be legal option he can (and should) take.

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Since BM has essentially kidnapped the girl and prevented your DH from exercising his visitation... as he feared. He needs to get back to court and make a case to have the 6K fine dropped and file for full custody of his children and be provided custody of their passports.

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SO would love full custody..but SS15 wont be happy. Hes settled really well, is doing great at school and continues with all visits. SD16 would rather jump off a cliff than live with SO. She will only resume contact if he was single.

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How did the BM get the skids passports with your SO signing off on it. What kind of custody does your SO have? Because if she forged your SO's name on the passports then she is most likely in a world of trouble if she didn't do the passport paperwork properly.

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Oh sorry I missed the part that the judge approved it. Please disregard my first message. I don't understand why the judge would make your SO pay CS if she isn't with BM.

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The child has to be supported regardless of where she is. If she were doing study abroad for 2 years, di you think that the court would suspend child support or order that it be osid in part to the school?

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Exactly! Thats what SO wants her to do, which is fair. However, SO wants to see what the conditions are, what the plan is for her education, health, etc is. He knows BM is a greedy cow and she is fighting to still get his child support. He'd rather SD return but will always continue to support her. He is hurting and worried sick about SD.