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BM is not crazy part 3

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Not crazy ex-wife

This is a post from my DH's ex-wife:

In college I was engaged to a guy who (among other sh*tty behavior) jokingly told me if I ever got fat he'd tie me to the back of the car and make me run up & down hills. I don't know why I put up with that, but I will not pass that garbage on to my kids. 

I didn't do much better after when I married the first time, despite thinking I'd learned from it.  I think it was a bad mindset of thinking anything better than that was better and therefore good...

The funny thing is that she continues to post and make it seem like the kids still live with her. Sometimes I do feel sorry for her I don't know what the reasoning was for her abondoning her children. I assume she misses them.  But then again you know what they say when you assume right.  I have 3 adult kids of my own.  We went thru some rough times while I was a single monther, but never in my wildest dreams did the thought ever cross my mind of giving my kids to my ex husband.  This woman has never even been a single mother.  I mean she left my DH in 7/2009, moved in with her parents and from there moved in with her current husband in May of 2010. She doesn't know the true struggles of being a single parent and facing things like eviction or not enough food or your electricity being cut off.  I mean I worked 2 jobs for so many years just to make sure they had what they needed.  She's always been a stay at home mom.  Even now that she no longer has kids at home. 

To be honest I am completely aware the kids are better off with their dad than with her.  She failed her kids in so many ways.  My DH has been trying to repair her damage for the last year, it's a slow process but I know in the end he will succeed. 


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I don't think your H can "repair her damage for the last year". He can try as it may but in the end that damage is for her to answer to and repair, he can't do that for her. I commend your H for taking over and taking care of his kids. I wish you, H and the kids a happy and help life. Move forward doing the best you can by those kids and know that you did the best you could, with what you knew at the time.