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Crazy thing about FASFA.  If the child lives with Dad and stepmom it is stepmom's income that is included and not BM. How crazy is that. 

Financial abuse continues

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  • I was just going through my Very Important Papers & came across one I forgot abt that is another example of #financialabuse continuing even after leaving the abuser. In 2010, my ex (he wasn’t at that time) and I went to court to get child support & other details worked out

True he wasn’t her ex yet, but she was already living with someone.  Other details worked out?? Yeah like the divorce. 


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We are finally going to be taking BM to court for child support and custody of the skids.  We are finally going to start the process! 

BM is not crazy part 3

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Not crazy ex-wife

This is a post from my DH's ex-wife:

In college I was engaged to a guy who (among other sh*tty behavior) jokingly told me if I ever got fat he'd tie me to the back of the car and make me run up & down hills. I don't know why I put up with that, but I will not pass that garbage on to my kids. 

I didn't do much better after when I married the first time, despite thinking I'd learned from it.  I think it was a bad mindset of thinking anything better than that was better and therefore good...

BM is not crazy part 2

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Today's not crazy ex-wife blog will consist of the financial abuse she suffered at the hands of my DH.  Below are some comments she has shared online: 

My ex husband did so many of these:

-removed me from bank accounts

-gave me an allowance ($200 every two weeks to grocery shop for a family of six

-that included all household items: laundry detergent, toothpaste, toilet paper etc - not just food. 

-had me/let me get jobs then encouraged me to quit them when it got inconvenientfor him (even when we needed the money)

Something on my mind

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I have something that has been on my mind....

I read blogs on hear a couple times a week and one thing I notice often is stepmoms complaining on how the skids have no clue on how to do anything.  Can't pick up after themselves.  Can't do their laundry.  Can't wash dishes right. Don't brush their teeth... the list goes on and on and on. Why are BM's not teaching their kids the simple things that they need for when they move out and need to function as adults.  

I'm curious as to why this is.  


BM picking up the skid's

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After almost 10 months of having the SK's at our house their mom has finally decided to come for a visit.    Originally, she had said she would be picking them up on Thursday and dropping them off on Friday.  Now she will be picking them up at 9am today and dropping them off before dinner.  I’m glad she’s finally making an effort to come see her kids.  But honestly I would have loved to have at least one night alone with DH.  I get home from work at 5pm and I’m sure that’s around the time they will be dropped off so to me it won’t even feel like they were gone at all.