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Is our "blended family" finally falling into place?

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And by that, I guess that I really just mean that SS13 isn't being a constant A-hole and hanging on every lie that bm (who abandoned him for 7 years) tells him.

- Hes off for his EOWe visitation and don't want to leave the house this morning before saying goodbye to our three month old, his baby sister

- he makes an effort to ask my opinion regarding his hair or his outfit for picture day - a BIG change from him telling me how much he hates me and how I've ruined his life.

- when he asks for something (like his idea to attend private high school for $1500 a month) DH just tells him, "sure ask your mom if she can pay for half and we'll see what we can do". SS now knows that bm will not pitch in for anything. Not even a mask for Halloween.

Funny how his previous delusions of grandeur with bM have faded in just over a year of visitation.


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Lol. Auto correct!!!

Don't even know what clever comment I had at the time...

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Everyone has always told me to just keep doin what we're doing an show him love and he'll figure it out one day.

Guess they were right.