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For Anyone Who Wanted To Know What "Rock Star Camp" Is:

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As you can see VERY pricey! Soooooooooo instead of sending your child to TUTORING for academics which said child is CRATER FAILING at, feed his delusions of grandeur with "Young Rockers Camp" year after year after year!


Yep, Chef Boyardumb, your impoverishment due to CS is REALLLLLLLY working!!


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I don't know DH pays $3K to send SS to gaming summer camp every summer. Hopefully, it turns into a job he can use, he has used it to re-program and hack video games. I can't believe the price, but it is no different than me paying 2K to send my kid to High Adventure Boy Scout camp every year. I have spent a total of 6K in 4 years of high adventure.

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Well at least it sounds like your SS is talented.

In my case all three skids have ZERO, let me repeat, ZERO talent.

I played a few sound clips for some people I know here/on the web and they practically ran away whilst covering their ears.

Of course mommykins thinks her pwecious widdle (ginormous) baby wabies are sooooooo speshul!!

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I think as long as grades are good, we do these things for our kids. But, grades always comes first. These things are rewards. DH uses it as a way to get SS off the game. Had the attitude, if you can't beat the video games at least he should learn how to program them.

As for my kid, he will probably never camp again, so I still have mixed feelings about spending that money, but at least he made Eagle Scout and I hope that he did at least have really good memories of hiking Philmont.

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Agreed. But sadly in the case of BM, she couldn't care less about grades. They get GPAs of 1.50 and are constantly truant; fail to do their homework/classwork which is fine with the BM. BM has admitted that she just wants her kids to have friends in school--academics don't count.

So to give you an example of the kind of "talent" OSS has:

I should add that Chef Boyardumb also sings like this and thinks of himself as a "great singer." I want to run out of the screaming when he starts belting one out.

No one contradicts him because everyone he comes in contact with is afraid of him, including all his co-workers. In fact, one of the managers at his work (who is also afraid of him because Chef beat him up--no I'm not kidding) said maybe he should join a band just to placate him. The dumb runs DEEP!

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OMG I love these!!! they are hilarious. Let us know if your skids are going to be on AI so we can watch and laugh.

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Yep. My bioson was just awarded a 20K teaching scholarship for fantastic grades in university science and math.

But of course, Stepdaddy Bigbucks and the overpayment of CS help facilitate the BM and skids pipe dreams. BM is prone to pipe dreams.

She bragged "I'm going to be a MILLIONAIRE" when opening her bakery/catering business" during divorce mediation. Problem was that she opened it right across from a successful and thriving bakery AND she can't cook.

She thought she could "name her own hours" (TM)if she had her own business. Although heavily financially propped up by her well to do relatives in addition to raiding all three skids college funds that Chef had set up, it folded in a year.

Who knew that utility bills were that high in a restaurant :barf: or that you had to actually work HARDER when you have your own business???!! :BARF: