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Oh stupid BM STF up ..

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Must we call the lawyers in over every disagreement? I blogged before about BM wanting SS to go to camp and DH wasn't sure about sending him bc of bed wetting. In the end DH agreed to let him go. We worked our vacation weeks to make sure they didn't interfere with this camp. BM sent in to DH her 2 weeks of vacation. Neither of these are the week of this camp. In fact BM will have the kids for the weekend, drop SS off at camp Monday & pick him up Friday, have them for that weekend, and then on Monday start her week if vacation and then bring them back to DH the following Monday. So DH will go almost 3 weeks without seeing his child bc he has agreed to the camp. Any way, today DH was informed by his attorney that BMs attorney sent an email saying "BMs husband got involved and there had been confusion but it was all worked out".. 1 min later another came in saying his attorney got a second email from BMs attorney --BM says "despite all her efforts to work this out, she is being forced to take use her vacation week so SS can go to camp" and they just don't know what DHs problem is. Let's just fight to fight shall we ?


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OMG. I couldn't imagine lawyers being involved in every, single detail with BM. It's bad enough without them.

Barf. I'm so over skids scheduling and BM crap.

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Every time DH says no or let me think about it she runs to the lawyers squalling .. Even felt the need to call in the gal over this one .. And DH hadn't even said no..

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I would have had to hire a hit man if BM had done this. I am surprised she didn't, she can be very litigious.

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Yeah, I am very glad the cell phone/camera thing was not available when I was in my twenties!

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Right! Bc no BM would screw over her kids or fight all the time if her ex husband hadn't got remarried .. Damn us step moms!

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BM cc's her lawyer on every email she sends SO. EVERY email, even the seemingly insignificant ones. If SO sends her an email, she will reply with her lawyer cc'd. It's so strange. Apparently she is made of money because I know what ONE email costs for his attorney and I would not like to spend that money every time we need to talk about a change in the schedule.

I feel your pain, girl. "Let's fight just to fight." Yep...totally get that.

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She use to cc everything to her previous attorney and then she felt like texting was a better idea. DH went with it and they have been texting for about 2 years and he finally said go back to the emails

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May have to suggest this to DH. Although I know he won't do it bc his lawyer always says let her make a fool out of herself ... 8 years later .. Same judge and he hadn't done anything except a no contact order unless it's regarding the kids .. Which she makes everything about them .. She use to send emails asking when was the last time they pooped