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sd14 is a liar and bm thinks she "perfect lil angel"

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long story short sd14 and i set up an e-mail account for her (yeah i know first mistake). i was monitoring her one day and saw a google e-mail set up "verification of e-mail address" in her inbox already gone into. so dh and i confronted her infront of bm and her claim: "someone tapped into my account!" which we knew was bs...and bm believed her. then lo and behold sd admited she lied a few weeks ago...I WAS PISSED told her "you made me look like an ass infront of your bm and feel no remorse for it" her reply "you wouldn't have known had i not told you" my reply: "no i knew, but sadly your mom is blinded by you and you know it" i asked dh to make her apologize to me in front of bm, but that has not nor will not happen

this is not the only thing she/both skids have done, last father's day weekend was a NIGHTMARE, they told us ONE WEEK before father's day that they didn't want to be with their dad on that weekend because of a "church camp" that they were leaving for noon father's day sunday. yeah dh could've made them not go, but we tried to give them "you don't have to pick between dad and camp" senario's making it possible for them to attend camp as well as be with their dad this weekend..........they chose to stay home that weekend......NOT ONE FN CALL FROM EITHER OF THEM, NOT FRIDAY, SATURDAY OR SUNDAY

there's more but to many to list (most of it is them shitting on their dad)

so tell me if you think this is black mail or just plain mean. w dh's permission (i usually pick them up the friday's of visitation weekend since i'm closest and already out)

}:) I'm thinking about telling her to get the phone so i can get minutes on it and give it to me, then on the highway, take the battery out and throw it out the window, or destroy it in front of her and throw the phone away after she's gone home (so she can't sneak it out and con her mom into getting her a new battery-yeah mom can buy her new phone all together, that's cool, she can i dont' care). my motto: to get it through her head how bad it sucks to be lied to made out to be an ass when it's not you that's the problem }:)



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Oooohhhh, that does sound mean! }:) I don't think I would go that far but I would stop doing anything nice for her. Let us know what you decide to do.

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I dont know if I'd throw it out the window and all that. But I sure might take it and "lose" it.