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Oh what to do?

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Make ss come with us on a super awesome fun camping weekend or let him go with bm's sister (who is her only relative that we like and are In touch with who will be in town).

We are off to Boy Scout family camp where there will be rifles and boats and fishing and horses and lots if fun. He asked if he could stay with his mom instead.

His aunt is also coming into town and asked us of she could visit (she doesn't speak with bm).

I'm torn. I'd love for bm to take in more responsibility. I'd live for his aunt to take him. I'd live not to deal with him this weekend.

I also think it will be good for him to experience fun with our family. He missed out on our Mother's Day weekend getaway.

Decisions. Decisions.


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I'm all for letting him stay with his visiting aunt.

1) I ALWAYS enjoy trips with my family (kids and dh) most when he is not there.
2) he barely gets to see his aunt
3) he doesn't want to go anyway, so I'm happy to leave him behind and let him miss out and realize all the fun he missed out on