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Oh and My exH is an idiot also... no pants, really?

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exH sends me a text at 9:05 am this morning - 35 minutes after school starts, stating, "can i get a pair of pants for DS11? His pants are still in the dryer".

I'm like, WTF? "Is he at school?"

- no, he's with me. we stopped at the store but they don't fit
- ok, stop by the house. I'm about to leave but DH is here

So BS comes in a few minutes later with a pair of new pants on that do not close as they are too small in the waist. I run upstairs with him to help him and tell him to take his new pants back down so Dad can exchange them.

This is the same man that is on DD13 CONSTANTLY for not being perfect in getting all her HW done and "only" getting Bs. This is the man that I am in a major conflict with because he no longer wants to pay for the children's private schooling if they are not bringing home As. (They all average solid Bs and do other activities).

This is the same man that thinks the kids should go to school where HE lives. This is the same man that can't get the kids to their activities, is constantly scheduling things during their events because he pays no attention to things.

He is THE most unorganized person EVER.

None of this has anything to do with him forgetting the pants.

I've just been in major conflict with him for the past two weeks and he is driving me crazy. He had to feel like an idiot though, so I enjoyed that.


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Here's another great example of something brilliant he just did:

BS9 had a baseball game at 4 on Saturday. He also had a performance for a play he is in on Saturday night. the play started at 7 but they wanted him there at 5. The baseball team mom asked that the kids show up early because they were filming a team video for the end of the year.

I asked him if he got the email.

He stated he wasn't going to the game because he was having a family easter celebration from 12-4. I asked why he scheduled it during the game. He got defensive and stated that this has been on the calendar for a LONG time. I reminded him that baseball schedules came out at the end of February...

He got all defensive and said he'd look through his emails because he was sure that his party was scheduled first (ya, right. you scheduled an easter party in February, whatever).

I said, "that's not the point. Your son has a commitment to the team. Why not leave a little early to get him to where he needs to be. If it was me, I'd just leave the party a bit early so I could take my SON to his game."

He says that he sees my point.

DS was at his game.

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Is your ex my ex???

I swear I have asked you that many times... eerie!

I could totally see my ex doing something like this, and at the same time, he is the guy that will call and ask why there is one tardy on the kid's report card and say I should plan better even though this was the worst winter in the entire history of winters!

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Mr. Guilty Daddy doesn't even have to worry about his kids schedules anymore since they've all PASed out but yet he assigns EVERYTHING to me. Stuff he doesn't want me to know about, he'll just go ahead and do it without consulting me. He used to do this all.the.time. when it concerned the skids. Now that the skids aren't here, he continues the behaviour if he knows it's something that needs thought. For example:

Last month I found a beautiful Kubota riding mower on craigslist and purchased it.

Backstory: For the last 5-6 years I switched from a riding mower to a push one (42" deck) because when the skids were coming, they'd turn it into a toy and just waste gas. Plus manual labour didn't appeal to them so I was definitely on a mission to make my house "not fun" Wink

Well they PASed out and now I wanted a riding mower because the push one kept breaking down and "Mr. Fixit" would never get around to fixing it--plus it seems it was breaking down twice a season.

I use the Kubota ONCE, just ONCE--it drove like a DREAM. A week later I get a frantic call from Mr. Guilty Daddy prefacing "Don't get mad at me but I sold your Kubota and my tractor for a rather large John Deere with a front loader and a 62 inch mowing deck"

First of all, I love the way he makes it appear that I rule the roost! He does this in front of his working buddies and NOTHING could be further from the truth!!! For a fact I'm "not allowed" to get angry with him and I have to couch my every word to him otherwise his exceptionally thin skin will take offense and he will have a meltdown.

Then he told me to withdraw $2700 out of the account for the balance after trade in! He did not research this model, never consulted with me beforehand and basically accepted it sight unseen from a local used equipment dealer.

Yes it works but it is a behemoth and makes it difficult to mow.

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Your EXH sounds like our BM.

Here's a quote....."Can you go get SK6 a coat? I don't' know where his coat (that we bought) from last year is and I don't feel like looking for it."