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Correct Fit!

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So I figured out SD12 needed some new clothes...long story but anyway, DH ordered some new things.

SD had told me that she would like to go a size up but that leggings in a size up were too big in her waist.  I said, well, you need your legs to be covered and you will grow into them.  I had also found out she has been wearing a size 7/8!!!  From last year.  So we went with 12s.

They arrived yesterday, she tried them on and said, they were too loose around the waist.  I told her to come over and let's check since they looked PERFECT.  Turns out they were an exact fit - the waist was NOT loose, but fitted exactly.  Had a little talk with her about how clothes are supposed to fit - i.e. not 'dig in' to your waist but sit on it. "Oh!" she says.  Then she tried on other style and got it.  Told her she'd been wearing such small sizes she was not used to things fitting well.

MY thinking:  BM buys her clothes, in smaller sizes, or maybe bigger size.  But when SD12 tries them on she does not actually check the fit and SD just says, because she's been wearing sizes almost 2x too small, they are too loose.  And because BM just lets SDs do what they want, then so be it.

AGH.  At least SD has two pairs of leggings that fit right.  And this reminds me I have to update the sizes on the order DH was going to place for after xmas.  I think she'll be in teen sizes by the summer.

Thank goodness SD doesn't like shirts too tight!  She's wearing appropriate clothing and likes to be covered.  Otherwise we'd have issues.


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Spawn always wore clothes that were too small, but that's because meth mouth was a freak and was obsessed with her being thin and small.

I remember when Spawn moved in with us she was 11 and proudly claimed she wore a child's size 6. I took her clothes shopping and pointed her in the direction of child sizes and low and behold she was in a size 10/12....shock! She was exactly right for her age.

Then when she was about 13 and still carrying the baby pudge (right before they shoot up and lose it all) meth mouth tried to implement a diet for her and demanded we stick to it...yeah screw off meth head! No diets of cocaine in this house!

My BD is 12 right now and just had to go into a woman's x-small for clothes, she was a bit upset about it, but I explained to her she has a woman's body....very well endowed on top, nothing like me. So she's got to start wearing these types of clothes.

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Yeah, I was throwing away size 6 underwear she came over in from BMs this summer.  BM just doesn't pay attention.  It's amazing.  SD is still a stick figure, however, she has started to put a little meat on which is GOOD and needed.  I feed her as much as possible because she needs it.  She's growing like crazy.

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Yeah Spawn had a pair of "underwear" she was wearing when she was 6-7 of winnie the pooh..I did the wash one day and found they were baby bottoms for a 12 month old...WTF! That was when I actually started paying attention and throwing stuff out I knew was too small.

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It's sad that some skids own BM is so messed up in the head, they can't take care of their kids properly.  It's sad that your SD thinks that clothing fits by digging into your skin.  Some people just should NOT be parents!