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Christmas - No more thank you


Well dh got his skid marks thursday through sunday. I had my children as well as our dd15mo. We picked up all the kids, went to MIL and FIL's to eat dinner. Once done we all went back to our house to open up gifts.

I walked in to get my camera because this is the first christmas that DD will be opening anything. I looked around the tree and was like "whoa". It was much more than what I had wrapped that DH bought for everyone. So I'm thinking MIL and FIL must have done more than she told me she was going to do.

The kids go through their gifts. I see one's I don't recognize. I didn't worry over it, just noticied it. It was a few for each one of them, so again I assumed it was MIL and FIL. DH and I went out or shopped online for all the kids stuff. I wrapped everything that came in or that was bought at his request. So yeah I knew exactly what was there and what wasn't.

So DH got a gift from me, a sweater (seriously all I could afford) and said I was sneaky and when did I put it under the tree. I was like sunday when we left. I just put it out with the rest. So then he's on me to open my gifts, I had just pushed them aside to take pictures of DD opening her presents. Then all of a sudden DH opens this huge gift but makes sure I see that it says "to DH from SM". I thought well that's nice that his parents did that because they know I dont have it.

So I open my gifts, a bed in a bag set and a new computer. I was truly surprised on the computer but really needed one badly for my photography stuff. My mini laptop crashes about 3 times a day. LOL

Later on after the furry of the gifts. I mentioned to DH it was nice MIL and FIL bought extra stuff for the kids and that gift from me to him. Then DH says it, he bought the extra stuff offline and the gift for himself. WHAT??

I was like, why didn't you tell me whatelse you got them. He said he was shopping online. Well ladies here is the kicker, I was away with DH for his work for the week before xmas, so he had plenty of chances to tell me about the xmas stuff for the kids and didn't. No I wouldn't have been fussing and I wasn't then. It just seemed weird to me. The other part of that is while I was at the hotel waiting for him to finish the workday, he was at work 10 minutes away ordering extra stuff for the kids.

So now I have no idea how much he put on his credit cards for christmas. I was collecting the receipts and was going to try and give him something towards it all. Oh and he didn't order anything extra for DD that I didn't know about either. She didn't need anything else, well none of them did but it's just so weird and secretive for NO REASON.

Ok so I dont say much about it, no big deal, weird but whatever. Then the rest comes day after day. SDs 11 and 8 shit their underwear for the entire 5 days. I made him go in the bathroom on sunday morning because it smelt so bad in there it was leaking into the living room. I dont go in that bathroom because it's the kids bathroom.

He goes in there and says "sm who has been wiping their shitty ass with paper and throwing it in the trashcan?" Umm dont know DH, you know that doesn't happen when my kids are the only one's here. So then we go in there to pick up all the clothes, so they can be washed. His girls had been throwing shitty underwear on the floor in the bathroom, where the hamper should have been. I took it out because they were instructed if they had an accident to put the underwear in a plastic bag. There were 6 pair between the two. They were only there 4 1/2 days.

So then dh is looking at the paper, he thinks is toilet paper in the trash can that came out of the bathroom, it's my baby's wipes. The wipes are not in the bathroom but the living room in a container for me to change the baby. So SDs (wouldn't cop to it) took the baby's wipes, wiped their ass and threw it in the trashcan.

SD8 kept denying she did it. I think it was here. I looked them both in the face and said (dh and the other kids were present) "this is ridiculous, you were told what to do if you had an accident, the next time anyone craps their pants in the house, YOU ARE GETTING DIAPERS". I was so furious. We all knew it was them. It was their underwear, no one wore you underwear. DH had to put the crappy pants in a bag to take back to BM, because they had crapped all the underwear we had and I threw them out.

I told him they are getting depends for the 11 year old and pullups for the 8 year old. This is ridiculous. Then the SDs said "mommy says just to put our underwear in the bathroom sink so she can wash them out" WTF BM? The sink you brush your teeth in.

I am so done. I am boycotting christmas and any other holiday where I have to spend more than 2 days with these kids.

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Oh my God, I just really count my blessings when I read blogs like this. Unbelievable.

Does either parent think that maybe they should do something about this crapping their pants business?


I have asked all these questions. But no reasonable answers. I tried to tell DH these are classic signs as I was molested as a child. But both parents are total idiots. Dh text me moments ago to tell me the 11 yr old just got her period. Apparently this was suppose to be some great news as BM text DH while he is at work moments after it happened.