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OT: If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do. . .

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So I recently came across an article, forgive me because I forget where now, but basically a group of fellow employees were having lunch and one posed the question, "If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?" Do you know what the overwhelming answer in that breakroom was? Get a DIVORCE. So all things aside, if you had unlimited resources, what is the first thing you would do? Would you consider divorce? Would you tell your dh/so/bf? Would you tell MIL/FIL? Or skids? How would you handle this? Imagine the shit storm that would errupt for some of us if bm suddenly knew we had this kind of money? Not to mention other low-life relations. So what would you do?


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Since it's in both mine and DH's divorce decrees that inheritances and lottery winnings are exempt from CS - we'd buy the biggest horse farm/house near the ocean in VA we could find and start LIVING.

BM and my ex would still get their minimum monthly CS checks and we'd live WELL. I'd also fight for custody of DD15 (if she wanted to leave MI).

BM and SD could kiss my ass!

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I'd buy a house and a couple of new cars. As in a bigger house than we have right now. Probably invest in some rental property or something.

Other than that, I'd hire a PI and prove BM2 unfit. I'd lawyer up and have her parental rights stripped away and not have to deal with her anymore. I'm a reasonable person, but she's messed up a few times for me to ever believe she's fit to be in the same town as SD10, much less fit to care for her 8 weeks out of the year.

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And I'd like to work at the home for dogs. That would be a job I would actually enjoy. Smile

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I LOVE the homelike shelter idea. I would definitely do something to help animals in need as well.

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1) make sure that I give the winning ticket to 20yo son so he can claim the winnings for me. Where I live it is a 50/50 state.
2) get a divorce (do not want him getting a dime! He would either just snort it all away or give it to the sshits)
3) move to a bigger house with a big back yard so I can foster pits and boxers
4) make sure mom and dad are set for retirement
5) make sure I am set for retirement
6) change my work hours to part-time
7) volunteer
Dirol travel
9) never look back!

Oooo to dream

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Move to the Pacific coast of Mexico. Open a shitty bar and live my life skid free (cuz I wouldn't tell him where I'm going)!

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It's 100% all mine, I'd pay off all debt, buy my dream property and build my dream house finish school and continue doing what I am now. Finish college and be a medic, then travel lots of it, and do international medicine (which will mean more school) but I'd be happy with enough lotto to pay off my debts and build my dream home on my dream land and college $ for me and my kids,

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Given our current situation (living overseas), I would:

-Pay off all of our debt.
-Pay off the money DH owes BM from their divorce
-Invest some of it.
-Put a big chunk into savings, which would be an account in just my name so BM couldn't touch it in the state where they divorced, she can't touch anything that is mine).
-Donate some of it.
-Tell DH that not a penny of it would be used toward SS, ever.

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I'd get a divorce too. Not because I don't love my DH - I do with all my heart. But we already discussed this would be the best way to keep BM's greedy paws off the cash!

Less than two months and it will be a moot point! CS will be OVER!!!!!!!

After that, the first thing I would do would be buy a plot of land and get contracts to build a custom house for us.

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there is plenty i would do, but the one thing i would NOT do is give a penny to sd. if it bothered fdh enough, he could leave, but i would definitely stand firm on that. no way in hell would i be funding a life for her. NEVER. and i really would rather see him leave than me do that.

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LadyFace - that's just fucking awesome! I'd steal your idea but...once I'd won the lottery, I'd just hire a bitch on wheels attorney to get my daughter back.

I wouldn't need a hit man to deal with BM, since I want to keep her alive at least until Stepdevil is 19 and CS/visitations cease. After that, she won't matter anymore anyway. I wouldn't do a thing to possibly cause SD to move in with us!

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You know it dog person! And hell, I'd give you a great signing bonus so maybe you could get yourself out of that situation you're in too!

Luv you! <3

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We SO need to get together someday. That would be a night to remember (or not, LOL)!

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If we won the lotto, I would win. No one would know, we are not going to support anyone but ourselves. I wouldn't divorce my DH but we would hide the money so BM couldn't get a dime of it. (my last name is not the same as DH)

All debts would be paid.
Trust funds for the skids.
School loans paid for BS27.
Find our perfect property.
Become a general contractor to build our home, so I'd quit my job.
Help my Dad with whatever he needed or wanted.
We'd help my DH's parents but slowly and without spending a lot of money at once.

Edit to add:

After the house was built, I'd get a Boxer, Boston, Pug, and Frenchie to keep me company. Smile