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This holiday I'm thankful I don't own a wood-chipper...

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I'm thankful I don't own a wood-chipper. If I did, I would hurl dh and bm into it. As I sensed, something was awry on Friday evening when I got home. Dh was glued to ss's side. I thought about relaxing, but instead said "f*ck it" at 10 p.m. when ss was still up as I had to work early the next day. After a grueling day on Saturday I arrived home to the words, "We need to talk." Yes, I had already assumed that. Dh instructed me to "Sit down." This of course leads me to the conclusion that this conversation is about two things: Twat Waffle and money. And of course, I was right!

Twat Waffle took ss to a cardiologist a few months back. Why we have no idea. There are no underlying issues or family history. Apparently, she was concerned and claimed to have a "doctor's referral." So just in time for the holidays she hits up Dh for his half of the bill that insurance won't cover...which is over $600! Lest we forget Princess Mofo just shelled out over $2500 for dh's lawyer. So I'm a bit tapped out. I instructed dh to call the doctor's office and see if he can arrange for a payment plan. And he tells me that the bill is due on the first of December. And he just now heard about it. Oh and that Twat Waffle said to just make the check out to her.

Does anybody else smell bullshit in this or is it just me? I told him I flat out refuse to help him pay any of this, especially without a receipt. Now I'm being the asshole because and I quote, "$600 was a small price to pay to know ss's heart is ok!" Uh, what? I wasn't aware this was an issue...EVER! He can work out some kind of payment plan directly with the doctor, I am not giving one red cent to that inbred knuckle dragging swamp hag. I get the impression that dh knew about this, consented to the visit, and kept it from me...yet again.

So in closing, I am just trying to remind myself that I don't look good in prison orange so committing a double-homicide is NOT in my best interest but hey, a girl can dream...


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Oh, I'm not paying for squat! I told him he as much. He's on his own. Now he's not "speaking to me." Really, dh? That's not exactly punishment. It's more like a gift.

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He can suck it. I'm done being the cash cow for twat waffle, ss, and dh. I've got me and my own to look out for.

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Wait, wait, wait! She took SS a FEW MONTHS BACK? And DH is just now finding out about it? And the bill is just NOW due and he expects YOU to cough up the money right now?

Bull poopoo. I would say that she is lying to DH or DH is lying to you. And I honestly believe that DH is lying to you. My guess is that BM told DH that they should go in together for a present for SS for Christmas. (Something that is $1200.00)

His way of getting the $600.00 from you is this story about the DR. I would check that story out weather you pay or not.

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My thoughts exactly, Willow! The whole thing just stinks. I may be a lot of things, but stupid was never one of them. Although I did marry my dh, so clearly I have had a lapse in judgment from time to time but I digress... And what possible gift could a 7 yo need that would cost $1200? I feel that we are funding Twat Waffle's Christmas somehow. I honestly believe this is an attempt by her to recoup her lawyer's fees that she tried to have dh pay when she took him to court. She's still sore the judge didn't give her what she wants so she's going to screw with us in another way. FML.

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"why yes, DH, it is such a small price to pay to know his heart is ok. i'll make the first payment of $50 to the dr's office- that should give you plenty of time to find a second job before your next payment is due."

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OMG!!! What is it with bms? do they just want their kid to be sick??

bm took sd14 to a family practice dr last year, sd's knee was bothering her since she has really just started dance. the dr decided that it wasn't really her knee, it's her hips. she's so darn skinny she doesn't have enough muscle. so she had to wear special nike shoes ($90) and a knee brace ($45) for 6 weeks then go back in for evaluation. And then possible physical therapy if there were still problems.

so one week after she took her to the family practice dr, she takes her to a different specialist knee dr for a second opinion.
Yep, a second opinion for a scrawny kid that hasnt' got enough muscle to hold herself up during dance class!!
It sounded like that dr told her basically the same thing, from what I read from the receipts and papework that was sent to us.
BUT the biggie is that second dr's nurse said something about sd's heart sounding funny.
So basically that dr wouldn't see her without her going to have her heart checked out at the walk in cardiology clinic.

Ok 1st dr. $96 plus shoes plus brace.. total $230
2nd dr...... $140 plus cardiology tests $698.
now that means for one kid's knee issues.. it's cost a total of roughly $1100.
Plus she shook my SO down for the advil for the kid as well.

Oh and the cardiology issues were nothing. She has the same crap that about a million other teenagers have when they are going through growth spurts. It was nothing.

It took me forever to get my SO to admit it was nothing.

I think that this woman wants her kid to be sick bc it's get attention for her.
The kid broke her ankle in july .......and she was putting her leg up on the bar trying to show us her scar last week?? I can only imagine what goes on at their house.

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You're absolutely right. I'm not budging on this. I called "bullshit" on it to him. Especially given the time frame. Bill due in one week. Uh, no. If this was legit then clearly, Twat Waffle sat on the bill for quite sometime in order to sneak in one final blow before the holidays, but I'm suspicious of the whole enchilada. It doesn't add up.

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UPDATE: Dh called on his lunch only to have the hospital tell him that the final amount has not been calculated yet, as they are waiting on the insurance to pay more of the "covered" expenses. I knew it!! That cuntcake swamp hag was setting us up! She fully expected him to hand over a check for $600! The hospital also told dh when the final amount was in, it would be far less than this and he can set up payments. They will also be sending him separate account statements. Apparently, the nice lady at the hospital told dh, "This kind of thing happens all the time in these situations and it's best if he keep a written record of his expenses, and send payment directly to them." Oh and ss's results were "normal".

So I'm elated to get to the bottom of this money-wise but I still feel like hitting twat waffle in the face with a brick...hard.

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Thanks! I promised him this morning if he did not get to the bottom of this I would proceed to make "his life a living hell" and there was no amount of silent treatment that would bully me into compliancy.