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Two Weeks

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Been a while since I have been here. Totally had disengaged until last week, when I couldn't help myself----and this happened with only a couple more weeks when my YSD turns 18. She put a "F*** War" bumper sticker on her car. I yanked it off---I mean come on, I have three kids under 10 still in the house, who don't need to read that stuff. I am all for freedom of speech, but you don't have to be vulgar to get your point across.

DH didn't think I should have reacted so quickely. Oh well, the deed was done.

We are down to 12 days til 18. SD will still stay here until she graduates, if she can mind her P's and Q's. The girl actually thought she shouldn't have to do any chores once she turned 18 :jawdrop: DH had a nice long chat with her about what things will look like once she is an adult(LOL) and still living here---still have chores, still have to tell us where you are going out of common courtesy, still respect house rules, etc..... The good news is, if she doesn't follow our house rules, DH has no problem telling her to leave. Our family has been through way too much to deal with her attitude for more than we have to.

No surprise, but she has decided to get all kinds of tattoos for her birthday and piercings galore, plus dye her hair black and pink, I guess in an attempt to shock us. Whatever, as long as you cover em up if asked because they are crude, vulgar, offensive or whatever else. And she goes from wanting to be an EMT to now becoming a bartender of tattoo artist. It's your life, if you want to go the hard route, don't come crying to us later when we have tried to support you to go to school (trade or college) to better yourself and not have to work so hard for your money.

My time here will be less and less after she moves out, as YSD has been a thorn in EVERYONE's side for the past 4 years and caused a lot of chaos. I feel fortunate the my DH has stood by my decision, as I have his, and realizes that he will probably have to cut ties with her in order to keep our family sane.


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It's so good that DH is sticking by your side. I hope that my DH will do the same when the skids reach that age.

I can't lie, though.. as soon as I turned 18, I got all kinds of tattoos and piercings, but I tried to hide them from my mother (except for the obvious ones). I still have and like my tattoos (plus more, even though Mom hates it), but the piercings had to go once I joined the Air Force.

It just kind of scares me because I believe that I was a good kid, and I still had my rebellious phase.. I can't even imagine what stepkid teenages nowadays will do, no doubt ten years from now! *biting nails*

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Yep, very scared what will be the "fad" in 10 years. One of the reasons that we have house rules to not keep our smaller ones from seeing too much of a fad that could have disappeared down the line.

PS---like your corgi---I have a Pembroke--love to pieces.

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This scares me because SD15 will be 18 her full Senior year in High School. I can already tell she is going to give FH a hard time. She wants and wants and wants but does not think we shoudl require anything of her. Other parents according to her cater to their kids unlike us that expect her to do chores around the house. According to SD15 I tell FH everything about her. Uhm, isn't that what parents do with one another. Discuss what is going on with their kids and how they are doing in school....?

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GET A PLAN NOW. DH and I discussed all this stuff for our three Older kids (2 his, 1 mine) for when they turned 18. My son will also be a 18 during his senior year. Fortunately, he is pretty grounded, but we will still go over the same rules we did with YSD to make sure there are no questions.

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Nice to hear from you again! This is actually "Crayon" i had a run in with my "SO" finding my email open and snooping, then blowing up b/c he found out I was email corresponding with a STalker.

I think this tatoo, piercings, hair thing is to KEEP from getting into a decent college or getting a decent job. Seriously; it's to AVOID responsibility. Good to see that your DH is sticking up for you though!!

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Glad to see you are okay "Auteur." I did catch up a little before posting. Hate that you had to clear out a lot of your life. I so feel for you.

I am not so sure about the avoiding a job. She has been working at Hardees now PT for a while, pays her own car insurance, bought her own car, and plans to get her own phone too. she does understand she doesn't want to flip burgers forever. Serioiusly, she thinks it is cool to have all that stuff. What people don't seem to get is how stupid it will look when they are 80---have you ever seen a tattoo on an old guy that has spread, gross---and can you imagine what those large gages in your ears will look like?

What is sad is planning to graduate looking like a freak. I had to promise DH last night not to make any "when you joining the circus" remarks, at least for a while.