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Stop using me as your excuse SD

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YSD was actually thinking of staying here past graduation---no no no no no. I had agreed to let her stay til she graduates as the responsibility is there in both DH and me to do so. Yet she tells DH last night that she has been thinking about staying here til fall (yet has no plans to go to college).

SD then tells DH that she has decided to move in w/BM due to my posting on FB. PLEASE SD, you have been talking about moving out long before I posted my opinion on FB, so DO NOT use me as an excuse. You have been talking about moving out before graduation, even after making an agreement w/DH to stay here if he helped you get a car, so DO NOT say it is because of one opinion I have.

The funny thing is, my FB posting was just so petty really. I said "Why do kids today think they speak another language because they take one or two classes in high school? HELLO, if you cannot carry on a conversation for an extended period of time in Spanish, you should not list it as another language (especially since you barely can speak or spell in your own language). Get over yourself." And then I added, "And of course, they probably failed it in HS too (or barely passed it), yet somehow this is now a 2nd language." Does this ring true w/SD, sure---she posted on her info wall on FB that she speaks Spanish (and she failed Spanish II and had to retake it) and ASL(american sign language) after taking an intro class on it.

At least I know now what I have to say to get her out!!!!!


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Yeah, correspond with her only her in Spanish and sign at the same time in English.

So her ittle wittle feelings got hurt? Well sweetie, pull your weight and behave and be a nice person and I MAY let you stay the weekend after graduation.

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yep, no kidding. Unfortunately, I know no Spanish (but I took a class in College, so surely it is a 2nd language). I do know more sign than she does, as I have taken several classes of that, but I would still never claim it as a 2nd language. Really ignorant gal, that one.