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it never ends.

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"Husbands, wives and lovers may come and go, but kids go on forever."

Just got off the phone with ysd35's aunt. She's trying to open up communication between us and dh. She's also the same bitch that was gloating at ysd's wedding how great it was to have a guy bm fucked while still being married to dh walk ysd down the aisle. She didn't know I was in the stall and yes I had to walk out of said stall. The look was priceless.

Anyway she called to say ysd needs us. I responded with needs us or our money? Her response ysd needs her family. Told her she and you guys made it very clear we are NOT her family. Dh wasn't included in any of the wedding photos.

I finally got it out of this woman, ysd has some legal issues and can't/won't tell her husband. Not our problem.

I gave her dh's number. She apologized to him to for the wedding. He didn't know about the guy, cause I never told him. So he's pissed at me. But he did tell her same thing I did.

I fully expect to hear from ysd soon it must be serious. I really just want to cunt punt her and her aunts.


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Dh just told me he doesn't care whatever it is regarding ysd, do not offer a single dime.

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Yep, the big, bad evil BD and his sidekick evil bitch SM that they want nothing to do with are suddenly "family" when they want money. I hope he turns her down flat and tells her off.

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Your post made me twitch, Itman. Too close to home for me.

I too have a SD35. We haven't talked to her in nearly four years. She has never had anything to with us unless it benefited her or her brood of kids. The nicer we were, the more she tried to exploit us. She truly sees us only as a resource to be tapped.

And the meddling aunt? We have that, too. She has severely damaged our relationship with her tricks, ploys, and agenda to get us to accept being abused by SD so Auntie can play happy family. Yet I don't see Auntie ponying up to help support a grown woman who doesn't want to work to support her kids. Hmmm, can you smell the hypocrisy?

I'm glad your DH didn't cave. Mine chooses avoidance, but is susceptible to his sis's ego stroking manipulation. The damage these meddling female in-laws cause can't be overstated.