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got a question

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When are kids taught to write in cursive? Still torturing the sgs.


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Seriously! Not taught anymore? How will they ever be able to read original documents? Or take notes/write exams when electronics forbidden?

Or send a birthday or thank-you card??? FFS. Maybe it's not all bad parenting causing the decline in common courtesy.

I started learning in grade 2 or 3 also.

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So in addition to English, math and social studies, sgs12 has no idea how to write in cursive. Guess what we did today- long division and cursive. And lots of bitching. LOL

It was third grade for ne too. Felt so grown up writing that way.

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I treasure old letters I have, written in beautiful copperplate cursive, from my dad, sister and others.

I practiced and practiced for years and am pretty good myself too.

So sad to think that will be lost? How will they sign their name????

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Our schools don't teach it anymore. I still think they should know for their signature. Just get books at a teacher store and teach them yourself.