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BM money idea not gonna work

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BM had in her head that when SD turns 18, can get her to move there, and then collect CS. BM has been pushing SD to move there, and even offered to "split" the CS w/her. BM thought she could collect support until 21, while SD in school. BM even called CS to see.

DH told BM last week to back off, that SD needs to focus on finishing school. That the most CS she would get would be for 2, maybe 3 months based on NC laws---that she would spend all that money on lawyer fees, and $$ would got to SD anyway. BM didn't believe him. She called CS AGAIN

BWAAAAAHAHA HA HA HA. They told her that a custodial parent could collect support while 18yo was still in HS, until graduated. Custodial parent. BM would not be able to ask to get custody of SD once 18, because she is competent and moved of her own volition. BM GETS NOTHING. Hadn't even thought of that one myself----SD could ask for support from DH until she graduates once 18, but BM cannot.

So, I foresee----BM will now tell SD she CANNOT live with her unless she pays rent. SD will be stuck w/us until she graduates (kinda bummed about that, but at least she will graduate) or longer as she starts Community College until she gets a full time job


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Oh poor BM isn't going to get her pay day? }:)

I really hope for your SD's sake that she DOESN'T choose to go live with BM as it sounds like BM will just milk the situation for all she can and probably guilt SD into asking for money from her father for rent or other household things. If that does happen, I'd say your H should give her Walmart/grocery gift cards or things like that, not just straight-up cash, so he at least knows what the money will be used for.