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SO lives in La La Land

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SO and I plan to get married sometime this year...We haven't set a date yet.

I want to buy a house. I'm almost 40 and would like my own home. I'm tired of landlords and want something that I can change and make my own.

We were talking about this the other day and discussing "Must Haves" for this imaginary home we want to buy. SO wants an area to park the boat so we don't have to continue to pay the monthly storage fee on it. Makes sense.

I want a fenced yard because we have three dogs, no brainer to me but I also must have either a 4th bedroom or a home with a formal living room and family room. I'm sick of SO's computer being in our room. I want it out. A 4th bedroom or a home with two living room type areas will work for that.

SO tells me when buying a home we have to compromise and might not get what we want...No Duh, I would love a gourmet kitchen but that's not going to happen on our budget.

In regards to the 4th bedroom he says
SO: Well the kids will only be around for another decade
ME: You do know a decade means 10yrs right
SO: Yes, what do you think I'm stupid or something. I wouldn't say it if I didn't know what it meant.
ME: Hey, you said it like it's not that long. 10yrs is a long time. (in my mind I added "with Skids")
SO: No its not.

Come back to reality SO. I'm living with your computer in my room for another 10yrs.


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I know I have at bare minimum 8 more years of SD being here half the time and paying child support, that's only if SD moves out after she is 18.

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In our former, very small rental, DP (who works a lot of the time remotely) would have to use the dining room table for his computer things. He didn't want to pack it all away each night as he'd have to just get it all out again (and there was no where to put it but the coffee table or couch). It aggravated me to no end! Especially after the last time I asked him to move it (there were three kids that night for dinner and we needed the table) and he said, "No!" like a pouty 14 yo.

Our new house has a 4th room/office. I'm staring work on it this weekend to get it into office/guest room shape so DP can put all his stuff there. I can't wait! He's still using the dining room, but at least he's now got a place to put things when he's done and there's an end coming. I totally get your frustration!

It'll help I think as you start looking at homes. DP didn't get exited or understand exactly how small our place was until we started looked at even just moderately sized homes.

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It think it's a guy thing (or just my guy Smile )

When we moved into this house, I told him it was too small. And he said "Skids are only here on the weekends" ...Oh, so true. Because their stuff magically disappears when they go back to BM's house and I can use those two rooms for other functions during 4 days they are gone. Didn't make sense then...Doesn't make sense now.