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I'm I going to have to be the bad guy AGAIN this weekend

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SO and I were just leaving the Chow Hall and had this conversation

ME: There is a Family friendly celebration in Downtown tonight. Do you want to bring SD and have dinner out tonight.
SO: What about SS, he's coming over too
ME: Since when, you told me he wasn't coming this weekend
SO: If he comes out to the car, he's coming
ME: Well, if SS comes over, I don't want to go tonight.
SO: He's my son and he will be coming to my home
ME: I never said I didn't want him to come to our house.
SO: ......

SS has been nothing but rude to SO for two weeks and is refusing to come to our house. He has been bad in school now for 9 (Don't know about today yet) days straight. A new record for him. This kid doesn't deserve dinner out even if I didn't hate being in public with him.

Bio Parents, please tell me. Is SO being delusional? He is the one telling me how rude SS has been to him on the phone. I'm not making this up.

If SS comes to our house this weekend, I'm refusing to go anywhere with them. SS needs to have consequences for his actions the past two weeks.


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Is SS being rude to you?

I say if SO does not want to do anything about SS being rude to HIM, then there is nothing you can do about it. Unless you see SS being rude to SO, then you should tell them that you can not hang out with them because you can't stand to see SO treated like that.

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Even if SS hadn't been bad in school or rude to SO, I wouldn't have even mentioned going downtown tonight if I knew SS was coming this weekend. He is horrible in public. He whines none stop and SO spends the entire time either yelling at him or bribing him. It's infuriating.

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After SS and BM behavior the last 4 weeks, I am done with SS. I never needed or thought for a second I would get any acknowledgment from BM for doing her job but since she has started taking credit for all the hard work I've been doing all these years, I'm done.

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Yes, when he gets upset, it's his house. But I usually remind him that it's our landlords house. }:)

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About 6 weeks ago he was complaining that we just sit around the house now adays. I said because I hate going in public with SS. SO says, well your always angry when we go out. HELLO. Put two and two together already SO.