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Sick days....what do you do?

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Starfish's blog got me thinking, what is everyone's criteria for skids (or bios) staying home sick from school?

My SO got the shock of a lifetime, one of the very few stands that I have taken with him was about sick days. As it turns out if I hadn't SD6 would have had at least 10 by now, daddykins is such a damn sucker. Probably about eight days or so into the school year, SD started faking a cough before SO left for work in the morning. He comes out of her room and says, "SD is sick, she needs to stay home." I said uhhh wait a minute....

ME: Is she throwing up?
SO: No.
ME: Does she have diarrhea?
SO: No.
ME: Does she have a temp?
SO: I don't know.
ME; Is she hurt in any way?
SO: No.
ME: Well then I am going to take her temp in a bit, and if she doesn't have one, she is going to school.
SO: Uhhh... I think she needs to stay home.
ME: So your going to take the day off and stay home with her?
SO: ....I can't...
ME: If you expect me to stay home with her I am going to decide if she is sick. You are perfectly welcome to keep her home from school if you want, but you will be staying home with her.
SO: :jawdrop:

So yeah, SD has to be one of the above to stay home from school, if not tough shit. She tries to fake sick all the time. If SO wants to keep her home, then he needs to take a sick day as well, that has caused him to be more conservative with her sick days, she hasn't taken one since school started. Smile

Does anyone else have requirements for sick days? When I was a kid, if I didn't have a temp, I didn't stay home, period.


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My SD fakes stomach aches all the time, not just to get out of school. She uses them to get out of homework, cleaning her room ect. I do the same thing, liquid pain medication and off to school she goes. I also agree she has to prove that she is sick, most of the time as soon as she realized that she isn't staying home, she magically feels better almost immediatly.

I just really loved how my SO thought that he was going to cave to her and expect me to keep her all day.
Uhhh.. NO!

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Those are my requirements as well (and this is my bio kid) - throwing up, fever, hacking and coughing so badly that she can't function on a normal level, or actually injured. Otherwise it's a dose of ibuprofen, a few cough drops in the backpack, and off to school.

And my daughter's school doesn't mess around - they don't send kids home unless they are actually legitimately sick and cannot remain at school. Her old school was notorious for calling and making me pick her up if she so much as claimed to have a headache.

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I do sick days as DH gets 3 personal days a year, that's it. We have the same criteria, but have bent it from time to time as neither kid really seems to play sick. Sick days mean no outside or junk, after all the body needs healthy food to be healthy.