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SD might not be leaving for the summer! *cries!*

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Yep I am anticipating our BM being a useless bum again.

We had to pay to send SD to BM over the christmas holiday. Also to make it worse BM jerked us around to the point we had to purchase the tickets last minute to the tune of several thousand dollars. Granted I don't want to do that again this summer, but damn I need a break from SD. I can't do this all summer with no school. Would it be evil to send her to summer school if her mom doesn't take her? She could use the extra help.

Sick days....what do you do?

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Starfish's blog got me thinking, what is everyone's criteria for skids (or bios) staying home sick from school?

My SO got the shock of a lifetime, one of the very few stands that I have taken with him was about sick days. As it turns out if I hadn't SD6 would have had at least 10 by now, daddykins is such a damn sucker. Probably about eight days or so into the school year, SD started faking a cough before SO left for work in the morning. He comes out of her room and says, "SD is sick, she needs to stay home." I said uhhh wait a minute....

Disengage? Can I?

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:? Sad I don't even know if I can pull off disengaging in my situation. Sad :?

I have FSD6, I don't agree with the way that she is being raised, and it has me feeling like I want to pull my hair out by the handful at times. Sad

BM got a JOB! Didn't think she knew what one was!!

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:jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:

The unfortunate part of this is, that her MAYBE weekly conversations with SD6 have tapered off.

She calls now maybe ever couple weeks or so. I don't know if this will continue, and it seems like SD hasn't noticed too much. It makes me sad for her, BM just doesn't make the effort. I have no kids of my own, but I can't see myself having a child across the country and only speak to that child every couple weeks :O .

Also she still feels like she should get full control over how we should be parenting SD.

The best purchase I ever made.

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I invested in painting suppies for SD6.

Primary colors, brushes, ect. I A LOVING IT, she gets so into painting. She is very artistic, and she gets so into it, it literally keeps her busy for hours. No big mess so far either. Smile SOOOOOO wishing I had thought of this when she was having 5 snow days a month, on top of "staff development days".

Bedrest, not what I wanted to hear.

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So I went to my two week follow up for my back surgery. All was well to begin with, my incision looks great, my nerve pain is gone, I am active as HELL right now watching SD5 as much as I do.

Then I mentioned the migraines, I didn't even know if the two were related, I mean how does having back surgery give you headaches right? Well my surgeon says that they ARE related and that it is pretty serious.