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Disengage? Can I?

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:? Sad I don't even know if I can pull off disengaging in my situation. Sad :?

I have FSD6, I don't agree with the way that she is being raised, and it has me feeling like I want to pull my hair out by the handful at times. Sad

I spend more time with SD than my SO and BM combined. They baby the crap out of her, she has no motivation to do anything for herself by herself.

This is an article I loved because it describes what has happened to my SD, she is lacking self confidence and CONSTANTLY looks for reasurance from an adult. The problem? she gets it, everytime whether she earned or not. It is quite sad really, I have a good idea of how this is going to affect her in years to come, it wont be pretty when she gets smacked down by reality as an adult.

I just can't get my SO to understand my concerns for the child, it is quite exhausting to constantly try to help when it isn't appreciated or even wanted. It is just so sad to me that he doesn't get what this is going to do to her Sad . It is either going to turn her into a narcissistic brat, or she is going to totally lack self confidence and depend entirely on praise from outsiders.

I have SD before and after school monday through friday, SO gets home about an hour and a half before bedtime. The real damage in done on the weekends when SO is off work. He spends all day giving into her, allowing her to do as she pleases, and praising her for all of it :sick: .


SD acts alot differently when I have her during the week. On the weekends I feel like crawling into a hole on saturday morning and not coming out until monday morning Sad . I need some advise on disengaging in this situation. It is a damn shame that I have to stop giving a shit, because nobody does what is in this child's best interest, but I CAN'T be the only one that cares. Maybe someday SO with come to his senses, but I am not counting on it. :O

How do I separate myself from this toxic situation and care a little bit less?

I need HELP!!

Thanks for reading,