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SD might not be leaving for the summer! *cries!*

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Yep I am anticipating our BM being a useless bum again.

We had to pay to send SD to BM over the christmas holiday. Also to make it worse BM jerked us around to the point we had to purchase the tickets last minute to the tune of several thousand dollars. Granted I don't want to do that again this summer, but damn I need a break from SD. I can't do this all summer with no school. Would it be evil to send her to summer school if her mom doesn't take her? She could use the extra help.

So I am hoping that BM actually listened to us when we told her we would not be paying for her visit this summer. :? We don't have the money AND she actually has a job now, for now. Getting anxious about this already and it is months away.


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Me Too!!! I started last month worrying about ss coming here this summer. He lived with us for years and only moved in with his mother (who he hadn't spoken to in years) 6 months ago. Finally I just said NO he will not be coming here this summer. Period. His dad can take him on the road with him while he works and he can make him miserable. I have done my time. I know how you feel. Without school going on that just means they are sitting at home making you miserable. I am still elated that I do not have to see ss get off the school bus everyday. I'm free I'm free thank you lord I'm finally free!

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I sure as hell wouldnt shell out thousands of dollars to help out bm, even if I did want sd gone! lol. I would send her to summer camp like simifan said. I would rather put $$ into that, sd might learn something there! and they have all day type of camps as well.