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BM got a JOB! Didn't think she knew what one was!!

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:jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:

The unfortunate part of this is, that her MAYBE weekly conversations with SD6 have tapered off.

She calls now maybe ever couple weeks or so. I don't know if this will continue, and it seems like SD hasn't noticed too much. It makes me sad for her, BM just doesn't make the effort. I have no kids of my own, but I can't see myself having a child across the country and only speak to that child every couple weeks :O .

Also she still feels like she should get full control over how we should be parenting SD.

1.She sees her MAYBE 10 weeks a year.
2.She talks to her MAYBE once every two weeks
3.Pays NO CS, and expects us to provide her a wardrobe before she visits each time.
4.Doesn't take her to the doctor, dentist ect. Even though we provide very good insurance for SD. (SO works at a hospital)
5.Wants to send her to a POS charter school, in her state instead of leaving her in the very nice school district she is in now. (we moved here specifically for the schools)

I don't understand this woman, I can't comprehend what goes on in that little BM brain of hers. ugghh :O

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I wouldn't mind her control issues as much, if she actually SUPPORTED her daughter. If she was activly involoved or helped us support her finacially. SO is VERY reasonable. He has never once asked her for CS, the only things we have asked her for is to contribute to paying for airfare for HER visitation. Yes WE have payed the airfare for her visitation up till now. We told her she has to pay for summer, we will see how that works out.

We have also asked her to buy SD some clothes while she had her over Christmas this year, SD is growing out of size 4 and into 5/6. BM sent a bunch of size 4 summer clothes. WE LIVE IN THE MIDWEST! She will never be able to use those clothes, they wont fit her this summer. We can't get this woman to contribute at all, but she wants to control everything. F-off lady!!! }:)