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As you may know, we're in the market for a lawyer however we don't really know anyone that has gone thru this process so we don't really have any "referrals". So my question is, those of you that have gone thru this process, do you have any tips on finding a good lawyer? I've made some calls and I'm not getting calls returned and that worries me. We want someone that will communicate with us that has an "open door" policy so to speak... Does this even exist when it comes to lawyers? Dh and I feel so lost in this search... Help? Smile

Btw, sorry to blog hog Sad


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Oh wow, I never thought of maybe going the route of asking someone like that... I'm trying to brainstorm of WHO I could possbily ask for a referral.

That is what we want, someone very open and returns calls.

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Have you contacted your local bar association? They will usually give referrals for attorneys in your area. They are not supposed to tell you "this one is good - this one is bad" though. Best to get several names and meet for a consult with each one. There should be no charge for this. Although some attorneys do charge for consults, most think it is tacky and I agree. I would never charge for a consult.

Good luck in finding someone. It is important to get someone that you feel comfortable with as you will be spending a lot of time with them talking about personal issues.

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I haven't contacted the bar assoc. yet, but thank you for that tip, so far I've just been googling and calling around. I've called 3 offices and 2 have not called back and the other told me they would charge us 130 for a consultation. This info helps a lot, so thank you very much.

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At this point I feel like what Dh is very simple. What he wants is a visitation order )CS is established however Bm and DH never did their parenting plan), a meeting place to exchange Ss if not at least get credit for transportation because bm lives almost an hour away and refuses to do any transportation, holidays for every other year, contact via email/text/family wizard only due to Bm being so high conflict and 3 weeks in the summer uninterrupted for whatever plans we have. I feel like these things are very standard requests.

In regards to the "open door policy" I mean like, getting questions answered timely and being polite to the client (me). I called an office a week ago and haven't heard a peep in regards to a consultation appt. I also called another office yesterday and the secretary was very rude and I haven't heard anything back. So far I feel like I've just been bothersome and I don't know if that's normal when you're dealing with lawyers/lawyers offices.