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Unwanted friend request

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So today I got a FB friend requested from Bm’s mom. Wtf??? Has this happened to anyone? I’m definitely not going to accept her but I don’t know if I should delete the request or leave it pending? Should I block her? Should I find Bm and her posse and block them too? I have NO Idea why this woman would friend me. I’ve met her maybe 3 times (2x when Dh and I were dropping ss off and then once at a school event for SS) and she seems very indifferent to me which is awesome because I have no interest in knowing her whatsoever. I’m so weirded out though because we have NO mutual friends at all so she obviously looked me up. I don’t understand why she would think it’s okay to friend me… seems inappropriate considering the relationship with Bm is VERY strained and VERY high conflict. For what it’s worth, BM’s mother isn’t trashy like her daughter, She’ seems relatively normal so I just find it so odd she’d send that request out. I thought maybe it was an accident but it’s still in my inbox thing so she hasn’t’ pulled it back. Ugh… I swear these people seem to creep into every aspect of my life. I have anxiety because of it right now. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me but seriously wtf? Sure creep me, whatever, but to send a request? Ugh. Yeah I’m probably overreacting but these past few weeks with Bm behaving that way she has, esp that threat of sending CPS to our home just to be a b*tch, this is just the friggin icing on the effing cake. :/


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wayyyy back when I first joined FB and was rather clueless to the whole nonsense... BM1 sent me a friend request and I accepted because I didn't want to seem like a jerk... WTF was I thinking???? I eventually unfriended her but... WTF was I thinking???

I also got a friend request notification from SS16 a couple of years ago.. but when I went to show it to DH, it was gone, so SS (or BM2) must have been stalking and did the old finger slip.

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I still have my EH pending as a request. It has probably been there 2 years or more. lol

And how old is this woman? I know a lot of my moms friends will friend ANYONE because of the stupid games. She may have just seen you on her "you may know" list and requested you not even knowing that it was "you".

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She probably bumped the "friend request" button when she was facebook stalking you!
Block her!

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Here's another thought : accept it. Go to a jewelry store, put on the biggest diamond they have and upload a pic of it (on your hand) to fb. Then unfriended and delete. }:)

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I never had SS BM add me, but however she did try to have her niece that I went to school with try to add me on Facebook, which I found funny because her niece and I never talked in school.... ever. and she tried adding me twice. I knew that it was specifically to dig info on me and I did not let that happen. Unless you two are on good terms for a long term and you have some sudden shakespeare bond with one another, NEVER accept it.

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She probably was looking at your Facebook page to get any dirt to use against you and accidently clicked on 'add friend' it seems weird to add a friend of someone that's a replacement of their failed daughters life. Hey I got fired from my job but here's a idea, I'll become friends with my replacement , the person that's getting my old money. Old people do stuff like that because they think you're young and stupid and will buy into their lies.