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I Got My Book!

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I got my book, lost my book, and found my book in a place that could have been interesting come Christmas.

I got a call from the bookstore yesterday telling me my book order was in. I went to the store and paid for it along with a book for DD8 and SD15.

Today DH mentions to me that he wrapped that book for SD15 for me. I thank him for wrapping it for me and putting it under the tree for her.

Later I can't find my book. I waited forever it seems like to get "In Sheep's Clothing - Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People" by Dr. George Simon. I immediately read the entire thing in a couple of hours after getting it. I start getting worried. I go to the office and find SD's book still sitting on the desk. I go to the tree and pick up the newest wrapped gift I hadn't seen. I tore it open and there was my book.

It really would have been interesting if SD15 had opened it up on Christmas. DH had even put my name on it as the person it was "From". This also shows how absolutely clueless DH is. I mean good grief! She doesn't need a book about dealing with manipulative people. The book is about dealing with manipulative people like her!


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Hey, morrgin,

As coincidence would have it, i'm on page 17 of 'Ins Sheep's Clothing', learning the phrase, 'covert aggression.' Looks very interesting. What was your opinion?

Fifteen-year-old SD 'eh? If I had to do that year again, I'd probably take the gas pipe.

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I've read so many self help books. I really liked the book stepmonster but it had very little information on tools you can use to improve your situation. This book actually has the tools although it's going to take some practice remembering to use them and how to use them. It's not that confusing though. My only problem the book doesn't address is what to do when they use another person like when SD uses DH to come after me. I still think it will work. I'm very familiar with the tactics manipulators use. I just have to figure out how to calm myself down so I can identify the ones DH uses.