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A rant about a book!!!!

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Has anyone read the book step mother hood by cherie burns? I picked it up yesterday bc I heard that it was a wonderful book, and that it would help me with the problems im having with the FSK and BM. This book has done nothing but make things worse for me and make me think Im crazy and BM is the sane one. I swear I would love to find a book that tells me IM OKAY and not crazy for not liking the FSK and BM. OMG hell maybe I need to write a book about stepmother bc I'd sure as hell make a better book than blaming US FSM/SM at fault. I know I have tried with BM but she is impossible to even talk to let alone anything else. But please for your sanity and less confusion DONT BUY THIS BOOK. Given Im only half way through it, I feel as if I need to throw it out the window now. Hell they need to give these out to BM make us FSM/SM feel more like shit. Thanks alot step mother hood, for reassuring me my future marriage is going to hell in a hand basket b4 it ever begins. :jawdrop: But if anyone knows a good book to read I would love to know thanks a bunch..

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look onto some of sita tara's blogs she has suggested several books that have helped her.
this site is also a good source of stepMOMs..alot of people here have great advice and insight.

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I loved the book "Stepcoupling"...not sure of the author. I also liked "The ENlightened Stepmother"...again I don't remember the author. But they were helpful. And most books I've read say things I disagree with. But for the most part, I take what I can that is useful to me and ignore the rest.

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it best...those two books are one time I considered giving a copy of stepwives to my DH's excow but then I realized that she would never read it...not the brightest cookie in the box you should read them will never find a book that you agree with everything tho...but if you do please let me know...

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seriously, wouldnt it be nice if these women were sitting around on their bio-parent blog site asking each other for books to read about oh say, how to let go your baby daddy? how to forge a healthy, non-violent relationship w your kids stepmom? how to find other things to occupy your time instead of plotting the demise of your kids dad and his new family? how to finally at long last get over it? 101 ways to spend your CS paycheck on the children? any others??

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Yes it would be very nice Bella if the BM were sitting around reading books, asking for advice. But you know them being the oh great BM they are they dont need such a thing..Damn selfish woman...You really hit the nail on the head..