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More Excuses and Lies

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CO states that both parents are to carry medical insurance on child as well as split bills that aren't paid by insurance. BM has chosen to not carry medical insurance on child because we won't help her with driving (remember she moved away and wants child 3 weekends a month). Now when it comes to childs medical bills she claims she hasn't received them in the mail either regular or certified. She told us before she wasn't going to pay any money to DH only to the facility and now she says she won't pay any statement that is sent to her only receipts of payments by us. She then asks why she has to pay half of copayments when we haven't paid her for any. Well darling BM, when you don't ever talk the child for any medical reason or if you do we know for a fact that you aren't paying any copay PLUS the fact that no copy of any receipt or statement of copay has ever been seen, then that's why you aren't given any money.

Since BM has come back into the picture she has taken child to 2 medical reasons. The first was through the emergency room where no copay was needed and we paid our half of her bill in 30 days. She still has a balance and that was almost 2 years ago. There were prescriptions from that visit but she never gave DH a copy of receipts to have the chance to pay (we figure her boyfriend at the time paid so it wasn't an issue). Next visit BM took child to was when DH and I had medical insurance on child so there was no copay at time of visit however they still sent the bill later to DH which was copied and sent to BM and she hasn't paid.

BM claims like I said that she hasn't seen any copies of these bills and won't pay them. She tells us that since she thinks it's her time to claim child on taxes (we won't agree because she only visits child not supports him) that the money that is hers from taxes is what we can deduct the medical bills from. Sadly in her twisted mind she thinks this is all ok. If we had the money I wish we could go back to court and get full custody of child on the basis of lack of financial support from BM. She is so heartless she makes child miss a baseball game to sit at a collge graduation of a person he doesn't know plus he is only 7 yrs old.

Does anyone know how much money is to grow before going to court for wage garnishment or even jail time? Sort of like the CS deal.