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Changing Times

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Hopefully next year DH and I can have SS9 be enrolled in the Charter School. It is 5 day school weeks and learns a lot more than the local elementary school in town. BM usually has Fridays for visitation but because she works each and every Friday SS goes to see her, hopefully it would be a no brainer to get the day back. SS can't play most sports due to his heart condition and BM won't be involved or exchange time for SS to play baseball which he is allowed to play. The charter school has Band which I think would be a good activity for him to be proud of and learn discipline to practice. It will sadly be a fight because BM won't see the best interest of SS. She will only see that DH adds another day to his already Primary custody even though she doesn't spend that time with SS because she is at work.

It will have to go to the judge again and because BM wants to use paying of medical bills as leverage to get what she wants from DH hopefully it will be a slam dunk for us. We haven't ever taken her to court. It's always been her claiming it's all for the best interest of SS but really it's a way for her to get DH to do more even though we already do everything. Poor SS doesn't even count on her to help with his science fair project. He is in tears if there is a chance we can't get it done and he has to take it to her house. That's sad if you ask me for a kid to not trust in their parents for help or guidance.

SS needs something more in his life that just traveling between parents. We would like for him to be in boy scouts or 4H but he can't do any weekend activities because BM just doesn't understand or care how important it is. To her it's more important to take SS from DH even if it means SS have to sit at a babysitters house or daycare.

If anyone has tips about how to ask for the day back nicely in an email or some tricks to use when discussing things with the judge please share!


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If this plan works, many dads are going to be in trouble.

How many SMs watch their SKs during visits because dad has to work?

BM working is a good thing. She shouldn't be punished for being a responsible adult.

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DH doesn't work and education is better than staying with a babysitter. If you knew the woman you would retract your statement.