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How to Move Out of State?

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DH and I are thinking about moving out of state. I am working and DH is a stay at home dad (family choice. totally fine). What steps can I take about getting a new job and a new home before having to go to court to remove SS (we have primary custody) from the state? Do I apply for the job and get set up the way? Do we go to court first and get the permission then apply for jobs and find a home?

Tail Spin/ Help Appreciated

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I have hit rock bottom with the BM situation. If it isn't one thing, it certainly is another. BM has become so crazy that it's coming to the point of non stop nonsense. The latest kick is that she can't have personal phone numbers to the people that SS has play dates and sleep overs with. These parents don't want her to have their numbers. She causes way too much drama and inappropriate situations like pulling her "i'm an attorney and have a court order" crap to anyone involved with SS. SS just recently had an outbreak of MRSA. Gross. BM has had many infections over the years.

NV Contempt of Court/Contacts

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How often are any of you being taken back to court for potential contempt? If it's something little and petty, do you worry? If they other parent doesn't follow certain outlines too how bad of a fight is it?

How many of your give personal phone numbers for play dates to the other parent? When do you draw the line about how much the other parent has in your life?

Changing Times

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Hopefully next year DH and I can have SS9 be enrolled in the Charter School. It is 5 day school weeks and learns a lot more than the local elementary school in town. BM usually has Fridays for visitation but because she works each and every Friday SS goes to see her, hopefully it would be a no brainer to get the day back. SS can't play most sports due to his heart condition and BM won't be involved or exchange time for SS to play baseball which he is allowed to play.

How to get harassment

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BM threatens to call the police on DH because of missed phone time. SS was busy playing and we went out so when she called we told her he was busy and that she could call the next day (which isn't her normal time.) She went off the handle and threatened us with police. She made up this big ordeal over email saying we aren't telling her where he is or what he is doing and concealing him from her.

Passport Problems

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It's been awhile. Nothing has really changed. We went back to court because poor BM spent so much time driving and she needs DH to basically help her be an active mother. BM lied during court like she always does. We are waiting for the judge to decide a location and time for exchanges. We exchange at a gas station while she exchanges on the side of a highway no matter what condition. The judge did say that both parties need to work together better and stop being petty.