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BM Tried to pull a fast one for $$$

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Oh she thinks she's soooo smart. I'm thinking that she's hurting for money lately because she's called at least once a day for the past several days demanding BF pay her for supposed medical expenses of SS's. She even had the gall to email me and say that BF had better bring the $xxx he "owed" her for the medical expenses if he wanted to pick SS up for visitation.

Now would be an appropriate time to point out that SS is on governmentally-funded insurance and has virtually NO medical expenses besides the occasional copay.

Also, BM fails to mention that in the parenting plan, while it does outline that they are to split medical expenses 50/50, it also states that BF only has to pay his half if he is given a copy of the receipt for the expense within 10 days. To date she has given BF NO receipts.

So when BF went to get SS the other day for visitation, BM hands him this paper with a whole bunch of garbage on it. At the bottom she had written out this little formula, this divided by this equals this, which is how much you need to pay me. BF just told her "This is NOT a receipt." and walked off. I was thinking about it, putting it all together in my head, and I got an inkling about just how legitimate all of these supposed expenses were.

When I read the paper a little more closely, I saw that it was an insurance benefit printout dated from 2005 to present. She rounded up all the charges that the INSURANCE had paid this entire time and tried to claim that BF owed her half of the total. Uh, excuse me? Does she think he's stupid? Not to mention that if he didn't get a receipt for something in 2005 until now, he's under no obligation to pay it. Regardless, she didn't pay for it anyway, her insurance did!

My guess is that SS's medical expenses are next to nothing and she doesn't keep up with receipts because she hardly ever has to pay anything. BUUT she's needing cash..and she knows that if she claims these insurance benefits to be out-of-pocket medical expenses BF might be stupid enough to believe her no questions asked and think he's obligated to pay half. I just can't believe that she would try to pass off things that her insurance fully covered as things that she had paid for out of pocket to try to get money out of BF! She never ceases to amaze me...

What amazes me even more is that this has nothing to do with SS's health or well-being. The only reason she's asking for this money is because she's broke and thinks she can milk BF. The only other time she's ever brought up medical expenses was when she was strapped for cash and thought BF would help her out - but even then she failed to produce any receipts and even tried to claim her gas in her car to be a medical expense. It seems pretty simple to want money? Give us a receipt! Sheesh!


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My skids' BM tried this one, too. Apparently, she'd been getting away with it before we got together, because he just took her word for it or didn't have the time/energy to research anything. She was even bad enough to FORGE HIS NAME to cash insurance checks when they would show up at her house by mistake. When we got married, we came up with a division of labor that worked for us, and that included me doing all the paperwork... insurance stuff, paying bills, etc. We prosecuted her for the forgery and started demanding receipts before he'd pay a dime. Now she just pays it all herself, because she's too disorganized to send us any receipts. She even sued him in court for non-payment of medical bills! It got shot down, though, because we could prove that she hadn't submitted claims to BOTH insurances - ours and hers - which would have covered EVERYTHING.

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ss was on state insurance, and had to have his rotting teeth pulled. I confirmed with the dental office what out of pocket expense we would have with medical coupons. They said none.

After the procedure, the dental office was confused and thought she had regular dental insurance. They asked her for $250.00. She told them (knowing she was on medical coupons) to call my dh at work. They did, and when they asked my dh to come down and pay the money, he asked "isn't she on medical coupons?" and as the receptionist turned to look at bm and ask was backtracking in the background saying..."OH...I'm on medical coupons..." as if she suddenly forgot...

She thought my dh was going to buy that, run down to the dentist, and she would meet him in the parking lot, take $250 from him pretending that was his portion of his expense, then walk back inside to use her medical coupons.

Talk about being a dumbass...
Yes, there are some really really stupid women out there. If they would spend this much time working on being a better person than they would scamming others, this world would be a better place!


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I have a SS with a health issue that costs money each month for prescriptions. We've had the BM send receipts for HER prescriptions thinking that DH would just pay for half. He checks over all this stuff very carefully and has saved hundreds of dollars she would have gladly stolen from him. She tries to claim it's an accident, but after 5 or 6 times that's just not believable. She's also submitted the same receipts more than once, receipts that don't have any details of who the service was for (could have been her visit to the dentist, not SS's), and receipts for common household items such as hydrogen peroxide or bandaids. She's been shot down by DH each time, but still tries it once in awhile.

DH used to call the pharmacy on each prescription to check who it was for. He finally stopped that and told her that she needed to provide proof of that also or he won't pay it. He shouldn't have to spend the time tracking down the proof that she is supposed to provide. She was pissed of course and freaked out like it was his job to do this (he always sends her very clear proof and breakdowns of all the money he has spent that is eligible for 50% reimbursement).

You can never let your guard down with regards to this type of thing, it can be frustrating and tiring, but is just the way it is. We try and laugh at her sad attempts, it's more fun to laugh at her than get angry.