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Anyone remember me? :)

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Hi ladies and gents! I have been away from this site for over two years. It's crazy how much time flies. Thought I would give a little update since it had been so long Smile

SS will be 14 next month, and he is turning into a very fine young man. Last year, when he started really going through puberty, he went through a stage where he just wanted to be alone most of the time. He has come out of that very well and is social, happy, and fun to have around. BF and I have started playing a game on the internet that SS started playing as well, and we can play with him even when he's not here with us which is awesome. BF and SS spend hours playing together a few nights a week, and it's been a great bonding experience for them. BM doesn't have internet at their house (she tells BF that there's something "messed up" about it but what she means is that she can't afford it but is too proud to tell us that) so he goes up the road to his grandparents' house to play with BF and me.

My daughters will be 3 and 4 years old in September. My oldest will be beginning Head Start in the fall at the elementary school that she will attend K-8 at, and my youngest will be going to pre-school. I am a full-time student now, I just changed my major from physics to applied mathematics with a minor in computer science. I've been home with the girls since July '11, taking classes online, but next semester I will have to go to campus because I'm getting into the upper-division maths that they don't offer online. This works out really well since the kids are both old enough to start school Smile

BM has worked at SS's school for a few years now, and holds a part-time job at a dollar store as well. It seems she's finally been forced into reality and is coping much better than she was before. We don't interact for the most part, maybe once or twice a year now (which is totally fine by me), but when we do she is civil enough. SS will be in high school next year, so she won't be working in the same place that he goes to school anymore. I wonder if she will get a transfer across the street to his new school or if she will stay where she is.

I don't have much to complain about as far as BM goes anymore, which is awesome. My hard work has payed off immensely in that area and I am so glad that we are out of the psycho crazy time now. If anyone who doesn't know my story is reading this, my blog here is full of stories about what I've been through from that woman. While that has all settled down, I am now wondering if I made the wrong decision in choosing BF as my mate in the first place. Now that the drama is over and we are living life in peace, there are some fundamental differences about what we want in a relationship and what we believe is important for ourselves that are really putting a strain on us. We have had a really rough time for the last year or so and have come very close to ending it several times. Honestly (and I feel horrible for this) a lot of what has made me stay is worrying that I won't get what I want out of my life if I leave (namely finishing my education). So that's one thing that I am wading through personally.

I haven't read up on anyone to see if any of my old friends are still around, but I hope everyone is doing well and is growing and enjoying life! Biggrin