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Long-Overdue Update; or, The Good and the Bad of Leaving an Abuser

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I feel a novel coming on, fair warning... So BD and I split up early last year, and I have been in a very rough patch since with the exception of meeting the love of my life and getting engaged (imagine that, I AM marriage material!). Ex had manipulated me into a position of completely depending on him, and leaving him meant I would either be destitute or survive on his charity until I could get on my feet.

SS(11) looking at porn!

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BM called BF today to discuss that she has been checking her browser history and found that SS has been looking at porn sites. A couple of years ago she called BF with the problem that SS was staying up all night watching YouTube videos on her laptop. My suggestion at that time was to password-protect the laptop so he couldn't get on without her logging him in. Obviously that didn't happen. How can she expect to have any control over his internet access if he is able to use the computer whenever he wants without her knowing it?

Progress finally!

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BM finally agreed to BF's stipulations to drop his lawsuit for full custody: proving that she has a job and allowing someone to inspect her home to ensure that it is a safe and healthful environment to raise a child in. For those that don't know, BM is ... well, "crazy" is the best way to say it I guess. Have you ever seen that show "Hoarders?" That's how her house is. No exaggeration. It's awful.

Advice on NCP requesting medical records please!

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Have any of you or your spouses requested medical records on your non-custodial children? Did you include the parenting plan with the request to avoid any questions from the doctor, or did the doctor refuse to give the medical records until seeing something stating that the NCP had the right to get them?

I hope it's worth it.

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I was wrong when I gave my prediction in my last blog about what BM would say in her email back to me. She did something I would never imagine her doing. She didn't respond at all. So I was left wondering, did she come to her senses and realize that what she is doing is only hurting her son? Is she going to keep us more in the loop regarding his health care? Or did she realize that she was in an argument that she could not win and bow out?

Counterintuitive Crap

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It's been a while, huh? A piece of information that is critical to this story is that I have worked in the field of ophthalmology for several years. So a little over a month ago, SS was prescribed glasses to try to prevent one of his eyes from becoming a lazy eye.

I got to see BM's house for the first time

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Not from the inside, unfortunately, but I got to see BM's house and family colony for the first time today. Usually if I am in the car when SS is brought home she meets us at the end of the road, but today she said just to come on up and drop him off at her Mom's house. So we trek up the little dirt road up their mountain and pass by BM's house. From the outside, it's not actually that bad. The yard was taken care of for the most part - no landscaping or anything but at least she had grass.

Vacation going great, BM for the most part leaving us alone.

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I don't know why, but BM sent a prepaid cellphone with SS on our trip. In an ironic twist of fate, SS ran into the ocean with his phone still in his pocket and it is now dead. I don't understand the need to send one with him in the first place, though. All 3 of us adults have our cellphones with us, and she has the number to our room. Why does SS need his own phone? When he told her last night that he had ruined the phone, he said she didn't seem upset. Of course not, it was completely unnecessary to send it in the first place...