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Progress finally!

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BM finally agreed to BF's stipulations to drop his lawsuit for full custody: proving that she has a job and allowing someone to inspect her home to ensure that it is a safe and healthful environment to raise a child in. For those that don't know, BM is ... well, "crazy" is the best way to say it I guess. Have you ever seen that show "Hoarders?" That's how her house is. No exaggeration. It's awful.

I am interested to find out the results of this inspection. There are to be two parties inspecting the home - one representing her, and one representing BF. The thought is that their respective lawyers will do it. BF is trying to make sure that his lawyer has an emergency custody order drawn up in the event that the house is still in awful condition. I am wondering if she has managed to get it in some semblance of order in the year and a half since she has known that this was BF's stipulation to drop his lawsuit for full custody...

From what I have been told by the few people that she has actually allowed into the house, it would take a cleaning crew several days to get the home "liveable" again... but she did spend almost two years without a job, so it's not like she didn't have the time. Then again, she hasn't let anyone in the home in over five years besides SS and herself, so there's no telling what it looks like now. SS *could* just be lying to us when he says that it's worse now than it was back then, and that he has to sleep on the couch or with his Mom because his room is so full of junk and garbage that he can't sleep in his own bed... BF's mother *could* just be exaggerating when she said that BM told her a few years ago that her greatest fear was that someone would come inspect her home because they would take SS away from her...

At any rate, the inspection will be in the next 30 days and I am SO EXCITED. FINALLY!! Last time her home was supposed to be inspected (by DHS) she dodged them several times, and always made excuses to why they couldn't come in the house (HELLO RED FLAG!!) so they dropped the case after 90 days. The funny thing is that she started the case and then didn't cooperate with them so they dropped it. But this time if she doesn't cooperate she'll be in contempt of court, so there's nothing she can do to stop it unless she wants to pay money she doesn't have for fines or go to jail. HOORAY FINALLY!!

*victory dance*


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I am thinking that she probably hasn't made much progress on the home, if any, and she is thinking that she can just keep the lawyers from coming inside for long enough that we will drop the case or something. I really hope for SS's sake that she has made improvements and that they're there to stay, but who knows.

The job she got is at Dollar General... for a woman with two college degrees to get a job at Dollar General after being unemployed for almost two years, that says to me that she just got the first job that she could find to satisfy BF's stipulations and will probably quit as soon as the lawsuit is dropped.

The problem with court-ordered psychiatric evaluations and counseling is that this woman IS a counselor! WTF, right? She has a degree in psychology and sociology - ironic, eh? She is (WAS, before she got fired) a mental health caseworker for the state. So we have been thinking that any attempt to force her to go through psychiatric evaluations would just be wasted effort because she would probably know exactly what to do and say to get them to deem her "sane".

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