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OMG WTF Do I do about my 17SS!!!!!!

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This childs mentality and mouth are complete out of control! Its been a little while since I have been on here but I have had almost the same issue with this kid but it just isnt getting any better. Within the last 2weeks we mainly dad asked him to clean his bathroom. (Mind you we only have 2bthrms and one is in out master bedrm ehich his 14yr sister has to knowck on the door wake us up and 'inconvenience' us bcuz he is soooooooo disgusting) Any ways he was supposed to clean the whole entire bthrm since it seems almost like there was piss on the walls definitely all over the seat under the seat around the bowl on the floor and he does piss in the shower and that left a ring in the tub. Well what he did was barely wipe the counter top of the sink and just barely cleaned inside the toilet bowl and jetted off. Please rememeber this kid is sooooo disgusting and lazy that he will not walk to the bthrm tha is 20'away so he will piss in an empty water bottle in his bedrm and leave it there or god knows how long. Any who I had enough of that shit and cleaned and disinfected that bathroom and dad said told SD to put her stuff in there too and she was going to start sharing the bathrm with him. From that time till now he has been the biggest dickhead imaginable. Know he thinks he is cool and texts me with crap like "fuck you bitch" and "im so tired of u and your bullshit" "I fucking hate you" he calls me that word that rhymes with HUNT. And so and dad scolds him and reprimends but it doesnt have a choke hold on him. WTF do I do???? Its tothe point where we are going to physically battle it out. And on top of that they both try to gang up on me and I have told DH that they sre trying to sabotage me and us and now finally he heard it for himself. Damn I love this man like nothing else I have loved in my life but is this really worth it??? I have 2 skids that I can BARELY tolerate and hate me beyond the words meaning because I stand by my word andcatch them in shit constantly. Calgon take me away!!1


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This brings back memories of stinky. I was soooo happy when we made him go live with his mother. She kicked him out for the same thing and then he moved in with us. I had it, we almost divorced over this, so off he went back to her. I never found a solution and he's now 19 and we hear he hasn't outgrown the laziness.

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No doubt Cruella... perfectson had a 'moment' last year and called me a bitch and I swiftly relocated his face to the back of his head.... I know this isn't an option for a skid... but his dad should sure take care of that mess!