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Hopeful is helpless with hurt feelings by RUDE 14yr SD....

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Well the 2 asshole skids are @ the on/off switch again! One's good while the other is a complete insensitive, rude & disrespectiful asshole. Well me & the 17yr SS just started talking a little bit to ea. other in the past 1.5weeks & wouldn't you know it now the little 14yr bitch of a SD started her shitty ass tude! It started last thursday when she came home from visiting from her pregnant moms for just a couple hrs. Came home with a big bad snotty ass tude. And me & her have been getting along pretty good for the last month or so. I just helped her with a big school project, I let her use my laptop to put a ppt presentation together & showed her how to do it. Any ways she comes home thursday with a shitty tude & friday rolls around, & Iget a text from my SS wishing a happy bday which he remembered on his own. & then I get a phone call from her, the lil 14yr old witch! I was thinking she was calling me to tell me happy b-day, but no, she was only calling to tell me she can't get the alarm set. So now I get home & I'm sitting on the couch, as I am waiting for my love to get home from picking her up from school. They walk in & she says nothing & marches her narrow ass with her narrow mind up the stairs to her "hermit crab shell" room. So me & dad go to the back yard & sit out on the patio trying to figure out where we are going to go for dinner. I asked him that where ever we go are we bringing the 14yr? Apparently I had no choice in the matter! Any who she eventually comes out of her hermit crab shell & joins us in the backyard. She still says nothing. And starts with a major tude with dad about nothing & everything all @ once. She walks back in the house & dad asks me if she said happy bday to me & then he tells me that he asked her when he picked her if she said anything to me & if she knew it was my bday & she tells him 'no' she didnt say anything & yes she knew it was. He asked why havent you, she didnt say anything & just shrugs her shoulders. He tells her that is really rude. She apparetly dont care. So we start getting ready to go out for dinner & Im regretting it before hand as I already she has a BAD BAD BAD attitude. Dad tells her to @ least change her shirt as we going to a nice restuarant,but no she didnt, she wore this raggedy beat up thing with stains from earlier. Of course she doesnt talk @ dinner, she's giving dirty looks & eating with her elbows on the table being a pig and tacky. The lil witch was ruining my night & our night. And still nothing is said. We eventually finish up & get the hell out of there & get back home to drop her sorry ass off. We get home & she b lines it straight up the stairs to the shell! We rested for just a little & eventually went out to meet up with some friends. Stayed out till 4-4:30am. I got up around 9-9:30 to get something to drink & of course some aspirin. She came down stairs to feed her face & I tell her thanks for not saying happy birthday to me. That I really appreciate that!(smartassing) And of course I remind her that when it comes to her bday she is always reminding us & going on & on & on about it just like she does about her hair crap. Like the world revolved around her! Any who, after saying that she mutters 'happy bday' in a sluggish pathetic tone. WTF-ever! SHe eventually goes to her friends house to stay the night. Good!! So she comes home sunday, nothing said nothing done blah blah blah. Monday comes around & now Im curious to know why or what was going on. Please note this f'd up tude started thursday after she visited her mom, & please note dad has full custody, she pays no support, is a bad alcoholic, liar, is 8mo. prego and lives with her 82yr old mother, etc..etc..etc... So I ask her why she has had such a bad tude she says she doesnt, I asked didnt something happen @ her moms, she sheepishly answers no. Ya right! So I asked her y she didnt even bother with saying happy bday & she says I dont know. I told her it was kind of rude. She says no it is not with this evil smirk & then the whole shitty little bitch tude started, & then of course she gives a lame excuse that I gave her a dirty look. Ya I did but that was @ dinner, so what was your excuse early??? So I just slammed the door while she was being a bitch. It bothers me because this shit happens ever fucking time she visits her mother & when I have been generous or go out my way to do for her, etc.... Every time I extend a helping hand & we have been getting along, shit like this happens. She manipulates, abuses your kindness & then when she has gotten what she wants she starts this BS & has the biggest tude. Im so done! And now its Thursday, 8days later & the f'ing tude is still there. And BD just tells me to ignore it. Sorry but that is part of the problem. Ignoring sometimes works but it also is saying that it is okay for her to talk to everyone that way that her tude is okay but mine isnt. And when he finally does say anything to her about her mouth/tude her tells her as though she is 4/5yrs old. SHe has only ever been on restriction/punishment 1.5yrs ago when I did it. I took the door off her rm, took the computer & tv away & finally dad took the cell away. What the hell do I do? What the hell do we do? I feel that this is going to only get worse or shall I say really bad. There is no guidelines or boundaries here, if I dont nag! But Ive been trying to keep my nose out of the parenting area, as a few of my fellow stepparents here have advised me. But its getting harder. Because if he allows them specifically her to talk to him with that bitter-bitchy disrespectful tude, he might as well be saying it is okay for her to treat me & everyone else that way! Damn I wish I was 14/15 so I can whoop her ass! I know this was a long story but there is so much to say. There needs to be reality wake up call! I'm not their parent nor o I have any kids of my own, but I know better. I know the difference of right & wrong. I know I do not want to be in dads shoes either but I want to get him motivated to d something rather than nothing. Maybe I shouldnt care or let it bother me about this whole matter or situation but if i didnt care it wouldnt matter but I do care so now what? Oh and heres the kicker, shes already having sex, so what now!!??


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little bitch --- i only see that coming my way with sd13..... nothing you can really do to stop her tude.... but you do NOT have to go out of your way to help her.... i just recently had to put together a project for sd last minute like always..... she tells DH that the teacher said the pictures (i found and printed for her) were the best she had seen and if the writing part was good she would definitely get an A... no thank you, fuck you nothing from sd.... so i personally can't wait to help her on the next project that we will be informed of the day before it is due and provide sd with nothing but "D" quality at best!