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Performing an experiment

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I had dinner at my girlfriend's house because she and her husband just separated and plan to divorce. They were high school sweethearts so this is devastating after over 12 years. She wanted it to work and he didn't.

Anyway, I bought stuff for DH to make spaghetti and asked SD to help him before I left. Crickets. I also told DH to teach SD how to make a basic meal because of the "breakfast" incident almost 2 weeks ago. Crickets. He wants to complain about how lazy SD is but makes no effort to remedy the situation, but I digress.

I started the dishes from this morning and left the hot dish water so DH could clean as he cooked. SD12 has never helped with dishes except rinsing her own. I get home and DH is asleep and their dirty dishes are piled in the undrained sink. I touch nothing. There are no clean bowls in the cupboard and only the 3 clean bowls I washed and placed in the dishwasher. FYI, I use the dishwasher as a drying rack for more room/ organization and more counter space. I was going to place a clean bowl out for SD's cereal but then I decided to have some fun..

So here is my experiment, we can poll if you like: 

A) Will SD tell DH there are no clean bowls and he will wash one for her?

B.) SD will magically look in the dishwasher on her own because she knows that's how I dry my dishes?


C) DH will remember that I started the dishes for him and tell SD that clean bowls are in the dishwasher?

Results will be posted after some votes are in!


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Need you even give any other options besides A?  Snowflake couldn't possibly think or do for herself...she is a precious COD who must be coddled and babied for life!!  You're so silly.


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DH's favorite phrase to use on the boys when they ask silly questions about where things are (like dishes that haven't moved since the day we moved in) is "look with your eyes, not your mouth". As in, "you are perfectly capable of finding the thing you want if you try, so don't ask someone else to do for you what you can do for yourself".

Look with your eyes, not your mouth. Apply liberally to SD.

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B actually takes less effort so I'll go with that.  I wouldn't be surprised with A though.


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This reminds me of a story.

We went camping with SD when she was 11ish, and she brought a classmate.  I got up early to shower at the showerhouse, and when I came back I was was treated to the pleasure of SD and her friend slumped in the small camper with their arms folded, having silent-but-bitchy tantrums. I said 'what's wrong?' they said 'dad told us to get the fixins to make breakfast, and we don't know where they are'.  I immediately went outside to prevent myself from exploding.

This was by far not our first camping trip.  The pancake mix was sitting right on the counter, and there are only two cabinets in this camper.  All they needed to do was find a bowl.  IMO, we should've skipped breakfast that day.  

When they did come out I pointed out to them about the only two cabinets, and that neither of them are newborn infants, to which I got a disrespectful glare.

To this day, when I see SD14, I imagine her bawling with a binky in her mouth.  She is a thumb-sucking infant.  She snivels, talks in a baby voice, whines and pouts, and is completely helpless.  Aaaaah, the hatred, it burns!

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Option D - DH will get pissy at having to wash a bowl for SD, and get into an argument with OP about dirty dishes.

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Or Option E, where all that happens but instead of confronting OP, DH just acts all whiny and passive aggressive for the day.

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I'd like to throw in another option...

D. She's too lazy to do any of the above and ends up trying to eat cereal out of a cup.


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Oooo...I like this one!

Or she eats ice cream or Easy Mac or something else that she knows how to make and throw away.

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Naw, this will be another reason she HAD TO STARVE at Dad's house. Cue psychotic bm rant in 3...2...1...

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A.  DH will definitely NOT remember that you started the dishes and put clean dishes in the dishwasher.  Something like that would be the most insignificant of things for man to take notice of.  So SD will either run to daddy asking for bowl or she will eat something else that does not require a bowl, because we all know it would be MUCH too difficult to actually open up the dishwasher and take a bowl out!