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WTF! Does he NEVER learn?

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Loghead just bought 2 pigs! After the whole cow incident, he goes and buys pigs?! The man is stupid!

About an hour ago, a few of us are sitting around the table, eating left overs. Loghead is reading the weekly paper, and sees an ad that catches his eye- doesn't say anything to me, just calls the number. Before I know it, I hear him say, "Yea, I'm interested in buying 2 of those pigs you advertised in the paper."

I froze. Princess took a sharp breath in, and Gibby said he was leaving the room. Smart kids.

Loghead gets off the phone, after making arrangements to get the pigs Sunday afternoon. Turns out, it was his father's best friend selling them! He just looks at me, and says, "What?"

"I thought we agreed after the whole cow thing that we would not get anymore animals without discussing it together first?" I said.

"Well, it's not like I'm going to keep them in the house! They'll go out in the pen. And I've always wanted pigs... And we can slaughter them for bacon and pork chops. Heh- you like that colony stuff, maybe you can learn to make head cheese..." he answered.

"That's great, cause I love pork so much! And I've always wanted a baby tiger, but you don't see me getting one do you!?"

Arg! And this came just hours after having a discussion about making choices together and being a team. (I want to get a part time job for the holidays, and he won't let me. I teased I should do it anyway, since he always does things behind my back.... He DID NOT like that, but I guess the truth hurts...)

Fortunately, with the whole cow thing, PITA has taken very good care of the surviving calf. And one bag of milk powder lasted a month, so it hasn't been an expense. But it's getting colder, so time will tell.

The little chicken that is his "class pet" has been going home with students for the weekends. The kids actually fight over who gets to take it home!

But pigs? Come on. I have skids. Isn't that enough?


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I knew you would enjoy this... And I've read enough to know I don't want to make or eat anything called head cheese!

He sometimes forgets I used to be a city girl...

He's had a lot on his mind today, so I'm hoping the whole pig thing has been forgotten. Throwing out the newspaper probably will help with that!