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picking up the pieces, again...

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Loca Grande bailed out on Princess again on Wednesday. Princess is on on Spring Break and she was supposed to meet her BM that afternoon to go get new glasses and a trip to a spa for a mini-make over for the two of them since Princess has her birthday next week.

Princess spent the 1st part of her vacation with my parents, which was kind of a shock but really touching... She woke up Wednesday to get ready to go meet her mother, when Loca Grande called and said she didn't have money to do all that planned stuff afterall. As Princess asks her more questions, she learns that Loca Grande had been to the local city on Tuesday and through Craigslist had picked up two exotic birds for the total of $1200. But Loca Grande says 'We can still meet up at McDonald's and see each other?"

Princess agreed. She knew it was pointless to get upset. She knows now she will never see any of the money back that she loaned to her mother earlier this fall from her insurance settlement. It's ticking her off to see how Loca Grande is wasting it... But she says 'It's mom" and let's it slide.

So she made other arrangements to get glasses here, and my mother, not knowing about the insurance money fiasco, is pissed at Loca Grande for buying birds, but not having money for her own daughter, gives Princess money for the glasses.

So Princess drives an hour out of her way to meet up with her mother, at 2 on Wednesday. When I call her after school at 3:30, she says she is still waiting on Loca Grande, but just talked to her, and she's just "running late." And Princess continues to sit...

At 4:30, princess calls, crying hysterically, and says she is on her way home. Loca Grande called her and told her she had decided she didn't want to see her afterall, and for her to "run on home to her father."

WTF? I can't believe that bitch!!!

So Princess comes on home, and doesn't want to talk about it. She's obviously very upset though. She spent Thursday at school with me, volunteering in my classroom, and having lunch with Gibby at his school. We've had a nice visit, and she's back to her "normal" self.

She even was telling me last night about a boy she is crushing on, and about how she told him her mother was crazy, but that she was lucky to have two moms, and that I'm the "real mom."

Late last night, she discovered a post on her mother's FB page about how she has decided to "pull away" from her children, and let them grow up on their own now. "They are young adults and don't need me anymore. Now I can do what I want and be free."

Nice. They're only 15, 16, and 19, ya crazy whackadoo!

I heard her crying herself to sleep last night but when I tapped on the door, she pretended to be sleeping...

Taking today off to be with her and get her new glasses and have a nice lunch for our birthdays...


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Your story is so sad but I hope you don't mind that it gives me hope that some day my SSs will see their crackwhore BM for what she really is. She'll ditch them for some new guy and not see them for MONTHS and then she's MOTY again. Until the next time. I too am tired of picking up the pieces. And, on a selfish note, I also hope that someday my skids may realize that I'm not the enemy. I am their real mother - the one who does homework with them and buys their clothes and makes dinner for them every night etc. B/c they are my real children. Oh, and a "thanks" from them would be divine.