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Living up to nickname: Part 2

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Loca Grande told Princess to quit worrying about money, but that Princess was pretty enough to get a job as a stripper if she wanted to!

Loca Grande told her about how she saw it on TV once about pretty girls working their way through college as strippers, and not having any debt when school was over, and even having money in the bank. "You live close enough to the city. You could get a job where people you know wouldn't see you, and you could make a lot of money. You've got a great body, and you're a really good dancer."

Princess said she talked to her like it was the most normal business/financial plan in the world!

So I said something to Princess I have never said before. "Your mom is a frickin dumb ass!"

Now, Princess wouldn't be worried about money if she had not given so much of her insurance settlement to Loca Grande, but that's another story. I am always amazed by the parenting skills of Loca Grande...


This, this is what I deal with...


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