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The one who really tried.

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While SD10 and BD6 were at school yesterday I went into their room to hang some clothes up in their closet and I put their folded clothes on their dressers to be put away by them after school. On the floor in the space between their dressers was a pretty pink piece of crumpled scrapbook paper from SD10's scrapbook her mother bought her. I bent over and picked it up to throw away. I tossed it in their trash can when I noticed the word "mom" on it. I picked it back up and smoothed it out. I was definitely in shock by what it said. It was SD's handwriting and it said: "I miss my old mom.. the one who really tried."

It was sad. It IS sad. But, deep down I'm happy..I'm happy that SD actually realises what's really going on. I thought she was completely oblivious to the fact that her mom gave up on trying, but she's not. She obviously knows that her mom isn't trying to get her shit together so her and her daughter can see each other more. It seems SD isn't as brain washed as we thought.