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How is this possible?!?! Seriously?! I'm so irritated, I wanna throw my keyboard at BM

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BM had court this morning. DH didn't get to go, but BM's boyfriend's ex-wife went Smile (Thats a mouthful)

BM was in court because her probation was revoked and today was her sentencing hearing. She was suppose to be sentenced to 1 year in jail for DV/Assault3 and malicious mischief 4. This probation was revoked because she assaulted the same man again while on probation for assaulting this same boyfriend.

Long story short: The judge decided that he would banish the 2 years in jail. He would dismiss the 5,000 fines. He will not put her in jail..Not even for 30 days.

Guess what BM got for assaulting her boyfriend? for running over his dog? for kicking a cop in the face?
........Wait for it....

Alcohol Rehab! Fucking AA! SERIOUSLY?!?! No..This has to be a fucking joke, right? An early April fools day joke? No, it's not.
BM got off again. I swear she is pure evil, she must have sold her soul to satan. Maybe shes into voodoo..Witchcraft...Something!!!!

As you can see, I'm a little upset about this. Not like I ever have to deal with her, but it's the point..She did wrong now she needs to be put in jail for her crimes. So simple.


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OK. I only read the title so far, but it made me laugh because BM actually had a boss (that fired her) throw a key board at her and ask her if she was "stupid or something". What I wouldn't have given to witness THAT!!! LOL, ok, gonna read your post now.

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I know. When DH called me to give me this wonderful news, he was ranting about how if it were him or any other man on the planet, they would have been in jail until the final sentencing hearing. I think I would be too. I honestly believe it's because she is somewhat pretty on the surface. :sick:

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Get her story in the paper and the judge will reconsider lowering sentences for "pretty" girls. How pathetic.

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bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep!

i'm screaming with you! this is crazy! i think the judge sold his soul!

what will happen with visitation?

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DH just got full custody in Jan. BM has supervised visits every other weekend. Not much more that can be done regarding visits. Wink

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Honey - BEYOND feel your pain. I have watched the BM in my situation walk away from situations scott-free. She beat a girl with a hammer - nothing happened. Someone used her Explorer to transport Heroin - somehow, she wasn't involved?! Her car was used for an armed robbery - somehow, again, she wasn't involved?!!! She attacked me when she was 7 months pregnant... and nothing happened because I stupidly listened to my BF and didn't show up to court. I am an ass. They get away with murder...

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Yeah its a fn joke! My stepdaughter's mom was arrested for DWI recently and the only reason why she spent more than a day in jail was because she couldnt get anyone to bond her out...This is how it happened.

We dropped SD off with her mom at 5 p.m. for her Wednesday visit(my husband has custody)

We picked up SD from her Wednesday visit at 8 p.m.( Her mom was driving at the time)

Her mom was arrested at 8:45 p.m. for a DWI and was put in jail for it ( which means she was already drunk when she dropped off SD (drinking and driving) or she had consumed so much alcohol in 45 mins that she was thrown in jail for it.

So she is was jail for 6 days. She gets a lawyer and basically says she has kids and has ties to the community blah blah blah. Yeah right she doesnt even see her daughter! The ties to her community hahahaha! Yeah...tied to a John when she is working as a hooker.. Finally they let her out on her own recognition( meaning she doesnt have to pay a bond because she promised the judge she would show up to ALL of her courtdates.) So they let her out and tell her she has a courtdate for not only the DWI but she was ticketed for 4 pretty bad tickets also. She fails to show up to that and has 5 warrants put out for her arrest. I dont know how she found out, probably from her lawyer, but she ends up going in and pays almost $400.00 bond and doesnt even spend a day in jail for pretty much lying to the judge's face. So then she has a pretrial conference where she of course pleads NOT GUILTY to ALL offenses.. Then for the DWI the judge basically told her that she will go to trial and that the next step is for possible disposition.. Meaning he probably took her liscense away for a month and if she doesnt get into anymore trouble then he will dismiss the case of the DWI. On the other charges Im sure she will come out just fine and only having to pay a fine...Soooo like I said...ITS A JOKE!

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Sounds familiar. BM here has had 4 warrants for failure to appear for THIS case. BM has never spent more than a weekend in jail. She went to trial for a SEOND DEGREE FELONY.......


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I swear...I WISH BM would show up at my house. I WISH she would try to go nuts on me...That would be her last mistake she EVER made Wink Wink

On a side note..I told DH that if she comes here having one of her psychotic melt downs and someone gets hurt I'm suing the city in which her probation was for not sentencing this psychopath and controlling this violent person Wink

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So what I want to know is why in the world would BM's boyfriend's Ex wife be there?? Was she there in support of BM or her BF or what kind of craziness??

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She was there in hopes of BM going to jail. The exwife hates BM just like everyone else. Also, BM went to jail again in Jan for assaulting this boyfriend and the boyfriends daughter got hurt during the altercation, so the exwife was hoping BM would go to jail. Oh and by the way...BM's boyfriend and his exwife have two kids together and now BM's boyfriend is about to have his visitation taken away because BM is so violent...I know its hard to keep uip lol

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... and another things that chaps my ass is that these punk ass kids and punk ass adults just keeping chance after chance bottom line because of money. It would cost the county money to send her to jail for a year, but hey.. AA is free! and as far as the 5 grand in fines... sure the judge saw the writing on the wall there... no way in hell can she pay that, so more county money and manpower needed to try to get blood out of a stone so easier to just dismiss it all.

This whole country is such a freeking joke. We are being over-run with assholes and is this exactly why. NO CONSEQUENCES

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I am pissed off for you LMU. That is just fkn insane. If you have a record like that, you ass should be locked up!

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You know, what gives me a red rump is it seems like they have to do something really bad, like kill someone, before the system takes notice. How is it your car is used to run drugs, and your not involved? :jawdrop: