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Update-BM was found guilty at trial this monring :-)

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BM has been awaiting trial for breaking things in her parents home. This morning she was finally found guilty Smile sentenced to 5 years probation. The details are not yet known.

Now, the kicker is this: BM is ALREADY on probation for assault/domestic violence. This NEW guilty verdict means her probation SHOULD be revoked and she SHOULD be sentenced to jail for the original charges. Smile Smile

DH has a Show Cause hearing in the morning to decide if SD will stay with us or if she will be returned to BM. I have a feeling that this new charge will help DH keep SD. Because of state Statues, Domestic Violence is enough to change custody and restrict visitation with the parent. This is Domestic charge number FIVE, in 6 years.

Way to go BM.


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Yeah the BM in our situation was already on 2 yrs probation for assault when she went to court for a few other charges. One she spent 6 days in jail for getting a DWI. All kinds of other charges she has gotten after she recieved the 2 yrs probation and the judge didnt do ANYTHING to her...