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"Happy Step Mothers Day" NO! Do you expect something???

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I'm just gonna get to the point here. I Don't Want A Card From SD12! No. I don't want it. I don't want to hear her utter the words that day. No, I'm not rude or ungrateful.. Nor am I dumb. I know that hearing her utter the words "Happy mothers day" means nothing to her. Her being forced to make a card in class and giving it to me because she can't give it to her mom is not cool. No, I don't want your cards or your words. They are meaningless.

I will not be a bitch and refuse her card. I will be polite and say my thanks, but we will both know it's a show. A lie. A forced act. She only does it because she feels obligated. She never once called me or made me/bought me a card in years past before DH had custody. She never even said the words even when Mothers Day was on DH's weekend.

I am pretty much disengaged from SD12 and we both seem to be content with our situation. We just kind of coexist quietly. But, I'm pretty sure I get blamed for everything behind my back. Smile Whatever. I know the truth and so does she. No amount of the blame game is going to change it.

I just don't want her to say it. I would rather not be acknowledged, than to be lied to by wishing me a happy day. And I really don't want another damn card that says "Happy Step Mothers Day" on it and then open it up and it's a mile long letter about herself. :sick:

On a side note: I do love getting the homemade gifts DD8 and DS4 make in school Smile


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I don't get acknowledged by SD on Mothers day, nor do I want to.
SO always says happy mothers day to me though. I have no idea why, but I always laugh about it and he does too. it's kind of a running joke.

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I-m so happy Pretty much agree. I don't want acknowledgement (or anything else) from my SK's - hell they aren't even cordial to me.

BTW I opened my email this afternoon and saw a Mother's Day gift certificate to a wonderful spa nearby from my bioson! Now that's what I'm talking about!!!!

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If I did get something from the Skids I would be very suspicious especially if it was from SD18. If it did occur i would know it was end of days and hell just froze over!
So in other words NO, i don't want or expect anything from them. But Im really excited to open the gift my DD6 made me at school! My boys still have not had a chance to go shopping with DH to get me something since hes been working crazy hours, but most likely will be a plant (like the last few years <3 )

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I love and appreciate anything SD gives me but we have a very different relationship then it sounds like most of you do with your skids. I was fortunate enough to come into her life before she remembers much so even though she knows who her mother and father are she calls BM and I mommy and her SF and DH Daddy. And we all get the same treatment for the most part from SD. Regardless of your situation I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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As much as my sd15 says she wants a relationship with me (always in front of her dad) yet another Mother's Day has come and gone without so much as a text. When she needs help with her homework or wants something she's nice as pie but otherwise I am just another adult in her life that refuses to put up with her shit. I think it bothered my DH more than me that she didn't call today. He felt bad so he did a lot of things around the house. I'll take guilt chores any day over fake respect. Smile