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Ignore your father on Fathers Day

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So it is 4:20pm and ss13 has not once said "happy Father's Day" to DH. My nephew that is 10 remembered to call his dad this morning and my niece who is 20 also called her dad. But oh no, can't expect ss13 to say a damn word. I reminded him twice and even talked about the subject I front of him casually and still nothing. Somedays I just think he is arrogant or stupid.


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It just pisses me off cause they have been in the SAME room for most of the day. We went to the mall for lunch and all ss could talk about was getting ice cream and wanting to go to the mirror maze. Ss got his ice cream because we had enabling MIL along and she bought him some, but I put my foot down when it came to the mirror maze. Ss13 can't even appreciate his dad on Father's Day, why would I spend admission money on him.

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My SD24 has not called DH yet, he says she won't. It's taking a lot for me to hold back and not refer to her as a little bitch.

I know she is playing some kind of game, I just don't know what. DH did not forget her birthday last week, however, he says she's pissed that he did not get her anything. I don't know about that, they have talked this week and she seemed normal, not upset with him.

I don't know what her deal is but she is pissing me off.

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Our BM took the skids that she is very actively PASing to see her fiancée. Way to go BM. She wants skids to call him dad.