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Husband wont let me sleep.

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We were together most of yesterday.

He wanted to go fishing, cool no prob.

I tried to set it up so it was just us, did not work out baby girl had to come with us, no prob, its me that has to watch and entertain her on the boat.

Now there was some wishy washy ness on his part the night before, because i have to pick my son up on fridays. My son is about 2hrs away, so its either fish by him, or fish by us and then drive down to get him.

So he got up at 4 something because ss had a field trip, then he gets his boat comes back at 6am, im still asleep with baby girl, he wakes me up and says "i see your not ready to walk out the door." Then walks out of bedroom...uh. so im just supposed to be chipper now? Im irritated we did not discuss a time to be ready by, he did not wake me before he left to drop his son off at school, so why does he get to say that to me?

So i start poking at baby girl, then i start getting ready he comes back upstairs and he is all what do we need, so i get snippy with him, he is all whoa wake up on wrong side of bed! Uh. So i explain to him why im irritated then he is all sorry, i did not mean to put you in a bad mood i bought doughnuts, lets have a good day.

Ugh. Then we get going, and guess what he needs to get gas!! He pulls in the worst gas station for having to get gas with a boat, and gets blocked in by the gas truck!! Id laugh but then it puts him in a bad mood and all i can think is well mister "if you had got gas before you would not be blocked in" then he informs me we have to stop by DNR?! What?!! God im so irritated by this man.

We get on the water and we actually had a good time, baby girl did great, a few dramatic moments(with bugs landing on her) its mostly me with her and the kid pole, me trying to keep her entertained while dh fishes.

So we get BS and head home.

We get home about 7ish, i of course get sunburn on my shoulders, in starting to feel the day, dragging butt, baby girl had a great nap in the car, BS is excited so of course they are going crazy... we go over his grandmothers house to check on dhs mom, and so he can get his crabtraps because so he can go out again! Then he has to get the boat ramp key from his moms husbands house(dont ask his mom and her husband donot live together) i didnt mind staying with his mom, the kids were excited to see her, and she has had a bad ulcer on her tongue from her meds so i think it brightened her day seeing them, but i though half hour tops- uh no he was gone an hour- then we had to pick ss up from the school. Then this field trip mom has to come over and gush about how great and awesome ss13 is, and how she always asks her son is ss will be on trip. (Ok lady thanks for laying it on thick) so then when we get back dh is all "i hear that all the time, alllll the time" i put baby girl to bed, im just done its after 10pm, well baby girl starts crying- dh puts her in our bed!! Ugh i hate sleeping with kids!! Hate it!!

So im annoyed. I tell him he needs,to stop doing that she cant think he will put her in our bed every time she fusses... he is all ok. I get in shower- im hoping HE PUT HER BACK- ugh hope- i get out and nope she is sitting up watching tv,its like after 11 now!! I put her to bed she cries, then he makes comments like he wants sex!! We had sex three nights in a row- and im done- no i do not sex# i got sunburn on shoulders, i delt with kids im done. Then he asks why i am being mean to him, what did he do??

Omg- i want to go to bed and i cannot go to sleep till she is asleep... she passed out at midnight, he says im miserable and he does not understand how i can go to bed all irritated, we had a great awesome day and im ending it like this.

I yell i just want to go to sleep, in done im tired, him thats all you had to say.

Uh i guess not because i go to lay down and he huff and puffs and storms down stairs and sleeps on the couch!

Ugh i go to sleep... eff him. Although i wakeup today rethinking all his crappy words,he said to me- i did not say anythibg to him- i dont deserve to be called miserable or asked how i can live with myself, hello i have the kids while he gets to last minute go crabbing... but whatever.... long day and still expect sex, and no i did not want to snuggle him, ive learned he just gets handsy anyways...

Not sure what today will bring...


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Yeah i think im just annoyed, lonely, and little tired of his you gotthe kids attitude, he is taking it for granted.

Im coming off a crappy birthday- everyone was sick- i got sick after of course- mothers day was crap- again coughing stuffy kids, and dh scheduled his colonospy for tuesday, so he was really nervous and worried about that(which means i had to deal with a grumpy mean husband on my weekend) I guess it be nice if he kind of made that up. Like hey i got the kids go get your nails done, or whatever, by yourself...but i cant ask him to go by myself, because then i get him wondering if im going to meet up with my latin lover, that i randomly have...

I guess im just annoyed in general and him and his kid are not helping my irritation.

His kid needs to be on meds, but he will not look into it. I mean god end of school is like 2 weeks away, but most of MAY ss13 has been a serious space case!! He is excited about school ending, i get it, but his adhd is like on level high! He cant complete a sentence when talking to you, he leaves the fridge, cabinets, and front door open. He stresses me out... its like he is 3 or 4 kids after school... the night before his field trip he was all over the place!! Up and down the stairs, asking us weird random stuff...i sent him in his room to find an old bag to take on his trip he comes out with a cape and an old cellphone...eeerrrrr... so at 9pm i found a bag and made him use that(but not until we argued about the bag for 30 minutes) dh ended up at 11 having to yell at him to go get ready for bed or he was not going on the trip... this is all while we are packing stuff for our boating trip.... but no i just have to shake off going to bed after midnight and be peaches n cream...

School cant end soon enough, and dh can kiss my butt i will have a babysitter this summer!!!